Batch Edit Music Tags & Organize Music Library with AutoTagger

Batch Edit Music Tags & Organize Music Library with AutoTagger
Among the many interesting features of streaming services include the organization of music. Your music contains mainly correct identification labels and you can easily find songs via albums, artists, genres, etc. With local music, some tracks may have bad identification tags, others may have missing album covers. missing information about the artist, etc. Managing all this is a tedious job. AutoTagger is not the first application or even the first Android app that aims to help you organize your local music library. But AutoTagger has a refreshing user interface, intuitive to a certain extent. In addition, it allows you to batch edit music tags. To tag photos and organize a photo gallery, you can use a great app called Focus.

Although millions of people are now subscribed to a music streaming service, there are still billions still using local music. These are the people that this application is targeted. Even if you use a streaming service, you can not necessarily be a paid subscriber, in which case you can not store your music library offline. Thus, when you are caught without an Internet connection, you listen to your locally stored music.

AutoTagger: organize the music library

AutoTagger: Batch Music Labels

AutoTagger by Sergey Chuprin, allows you to create and edit tags, or even search for missing tags from known tags. All editable fields can be edited, including the title of the song, the artist, the album, the artist of the album, the year, the genre, the track number, disc number, comment, lyrics and cover. Like any music application, AutoTagger lets you browse your music library as tracks, albums, artists, or folders. Once you have found the track for which you want to change the tags or change the cover, simply press it.

AutoTagger: Organize your local music

You can then edit any of the editable fields or you can let the application automatically process it for you. To do this, press the search button floating down and choose Automatic. If the application can not find the right tags, you can change the search using the key Manual option. Select one of the results found and all tags, including the cover, will be exchanged with the new information. You can choose to change only the cover art or change the tags by selecting Keywords or Cover Arts. Want to get lyrics to instant songs on your Android? You should try QuickLyric for that!

Lot Edit Music Labels

Lot Edit music tags

The application focuses the editing features mainly on batch operations. You can press and hold, then start selecting a set of tracks, albums, and so on. You can edit their labels, rename them, delete them, batch change their covers, view information, or list tracks in the album. Most of these features are, however, blocked behind a one-time purchase.

There are many cases where the application may not be able to find information on a track. Or, your track may not contain any identification tags. The audio fingerprint feature allows you to search for information about a song based on the audio. It's the same thing apps like Shazam have been doing for years. This requires another purchase.

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