What is new in Windows 10 v1909 November Feature Update

windows 10 1909 new features

Microsoft is preparing Windows 10 v1909 November update aka 19H2, and for those who do not follow, it has no major functionality. To make a difference, Microsoft has decided to step back and make sure to solve all Windows 10 v1903 issues in this update and deploy a handful of professional features. That said, there is nothing to be disappointed with because we have a whole series of features that enhance the user experience.

Windows 10 v1909 new features

One of the benefits of this update is that unlike the October 2021 update, this feature has been thoroughly tested in the preview ring. It took a long time to get tested. Let’s check the update of the features of Windows 10 v1909.

  1. Create calendar events directly from the taskbar
  2. Improved notification configuration
  3. The file explorer integrates with Windows Search
  4. Integration of the lock screen and the third party digital assistant
  5. Windows 10 can favor the faster cores of your processor
  6. Other small improvements and under the hood
  7. Narrator & Fn Keys
  8. Company changes.

Windows 10 v1909 will be an optional update. This means that you will receive a notification about this and that you will be able to choose to ignore it. However, if your version of Windows 10 is approaching the end of the cycle, you will be updated in 1909.

1) Create calendar events directly from the taskbar

Finally, opening the calendar from the system tray starts to be useful. You can quickly create an activity in your calendar from the Calendar drop-down menu on the taskbar.

  • Double click on the date to open the calendar
  • Then select the date and time in the lower right corner
  • Start typing in the text box and you will now see online options for setting a time and place.

2) Improved notification configuration

If there are too many notifications in your service center and you miss the important, here is an improved visual in Windows 10 November 2021 updated. The Windows notification system allows you to choose between a banner and a notification in the Maintenance Center. The old one appears as a standard notification fly-in at the corner. The latter is the one we usually see in the center of the action.

When configuring the options, you get a preview for both and you can choose one or the other of the notification styles.

If you hover over one of them, you can click the small settings icon and disable all notifications you receive from the sender. There is a Manage notifications link at the top of the Maintenance Center, which can take you directly to the notifications and actions configuration page.

In addition, notifications are sorted by the most recent application instead of sorting by name. There is a setting available for this in the Notifications and actions page.

3) The file explorer integrates with Windows Search

I’m sure you know file indexing. It is separate from Windows Search. While Windows Search comes into action when you perform a search in the taskbar, File Explorer is when you search using the Explorer search box. From Windows 1909, both are integrated. What is the advantage?

According to Microsoft, it is faster and can also show online content of your OneDrive online storage.

4) Integration of the lock screen and the third party digital assistant

Windows has set up an API that will allow other digital assistants to integrate the Windows lock screen. You can invoke Alexa or Google Assistant, even when your PC is locked. Alexa is working now, but for Google, the display may take a while.

5) Windows 10 can favor the faster cores of your processor

There are not many details available about how it works, but according to Microsoft, Windows can support the faster cores of your processor. Processors are multi-core, and if OEMs have been designed so that some cores are faster than others, Windows will give them the hardest task first.

To date, AMD Ryzen processors have been optimized. In the future, the Intel processor should also use this technology. This is the main reason why Microsoft says that Windows 10 19H2 will provide longer battery life and energy efficiency gains for PCs with special processors.

6) Hover over the Start menu is now useful

When you hover over the left side of the Start menu, the navigation pane of the Start menu expands.

7) Narrator & Fn Keys

The narrator and other assistive technologies can read and know where the FN key on the keyboards is and whether it is locked or not.

8) Company changes

Microsoft has listed all The company is changing here. Below you will find the essentials of these changes:

  • Windows containers require a suitable host and container version.
  • The key rotation or rotation function safely rolls the recovery passwords on MDM managed AAD devices. This feature will help prevent the accidental disclosure of the recovery password as part of users’ manual unlocking of the BitLocker drive.
  • They have enabled Windows Defender Credential Guard for ARM64 devices for additional protection against theft of credentials for companies deploying ARM64 devices in their organizations.
  • Enterprise can complement the Windows 10 Mode S policy to allow traditional Win32 (desktop) applications from Microsoft Intune.
  • Additional debugging features for the latest Intel processors.

Here are the main changes to the Windows 10 v1909 feature update of November 2021. Let me know if you missed something.

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