Best online tools & software to delete your Twitter tweets in bulk

Best online tools & software to delete your Twitter tweets in bulk

Twitter is one of the most popular social networks today. It’s not on the same level as Facebook, but it has its place with its more than 300 million monthly users. Now, unlike other social platforms, Twitter does not facilitate the removal of content by users.

It is an understatement to say that Twitter has no quality management tools, and it is quite surprising for a platform that has existed since 2006. If the user wants to delete several Tweets, he is obliged to do it one by one. based.

Yes, there is no option at the moment to delete the Tweets en masse natively, and that is why we are obliged to write this article. You see, the Internet is full of third-party programs designed to help you delete bulk Tweets. We are going to discuss the best of the bunch today, so keep your horses.

How to bulk delete Twitter tweets

Here are some of the best free online tools that will help you delete your Twitter tweets en masse:

  1. Tweet Remove
  2. TwitWipe
  3. Tweet Eraser Archive

1]Tweet Remove

Of all the options available to remove Tweets from Twitter, we are more likely to recommend, and that’s because it comes with the ability to delete 3200 Tweets simultaneously. If you are the type of person who tweets a lot, it is likely that you will need the services of this tool.

To get rid of your tweets, go to the TweetDelete home page, then click Connect with Twitter. From there, you need to log in with your Twitter information to allow the app to access your account.

Now after logging in, you should see Delete all my existing tweets before activating this calendar, just check the box next to it and uncheck those next to it Publish on my feed to inform my friends that I have activated TweetDelete and Follow @Tweet_Delete for future updates.

Finally, you will want to click on Activate TweetDelete and wait for the tool to finish deleting all the tweets from the account.


delete all your Twitter tweets en masse

What we have here is the second tool on our list, and it’s not bad. Clearly not at the same level as Tweet Delete, but may very well hold out.

OK, so to delete your tweets, please click on Start, then log in using Twitter and follow the instructions to delete your tweets. Keep in mind that it will take a while to delete everything if you have thousands of tweets, so keep that in mind.

3]Tweet Eraser Archive

How to bulk delete Twitter tweets

This one is a little different from the others because it requires installation on your Windows 10 computer. It takes time to set up, but that shouldn’t be a problem in the grand scheme of things, as it works pretty well d ‘after our experience.

Not only can it delete all your tweets, but also favorites and direct messages. Keep in mind that this thing can go way beyond 3200 limits, so Tweet Archive Eraser is great for anyone with thousands of tweets. Don’t worry, your subscribers won’t go anywhere unless they choose not to follow.

The free version has its limits. It can only delete tweets from two years in the past, so you will need to consider this before you go ahead. You can download Tweet Archive Eraser from Github.

I hope they work for you!

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