Cannot open Hyperlinks in Outlook email on Windows 10

Cannot open Hyperlinks in Outlook email

When you use a product such as Microsoft Outlook, when you click a hyperlink, it tries to open in the default browser, which is the Edge browser. Sometimes it fails to open a link on a Microsoft product in Windows 10. This usually happens when the default association to open the link in a browser is broken. In this post, we will share what to do if you can not open hyperlinks in Outlook mail under Windows 10. Some forum users reported an additional message saying:Your organization's policies prevent us from responding to your request..

Can not open hyperlinks in Outlook e-mail

Microsoft tries to open everything in Edge or Internet Explorer. If you can not open the hyperlinks in the Outlook mail, follow these steps to resolve the problem:

  1. Restore the default values ​​of the file association for Outlook and Edge.
  2. Export and import the registry key from another computer
  3. Reset edge settings
  4. Repair Office.

Windows respects the default browser association, but when the settings are not configured or in case of corruption, the problem is created.

1) Restore Default File Associations for Outlook and Edge

  1. Close your default browser when it is open.
  2. Go to Settings> Applications> Default Programs in the Windows Settings.
  3. Under Web Browser, click the default, and then select Microsoft Edge as the default browser.
  4. Switch to Outlook and click any link to make sure it opens in Edge. Close the Edge browser.
  5. Open the default browser again and change the default browser again from the browser option.

Now, when you open a link, it will open in the default browser of your choice.

The purpose of this exercise is to fix something that is broken by changing the settings. Usually, there is a registry entry for this, and when we follow all these steps, the problem with the registry will be solved.

2) Export and import the registry key from another computer

Can not Open Hyperlinks in Outlook Messaging on Windows 10

Check on another computer if the links can open hyperlinks in Outlook Mail on Windows 10. If so, we suggest that you import the particular registry settings from that computer to that computer.

  • On the other computer, open the Registry Editor.
  • Move towards Computer HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE Classes htmlfile shell open command
  • Right click on Order folder, and select Export.
  • Save the file with a name that you can remember on the computer.
  • Next copy the registry file to your computer
  • Double click on it and it will merge the entry into the registry of your computer.

You can also go to the same place on your computer and check if the value is the same as:

"C: Programs Internet Explorer IEXPLORE.EXE"% 1

Now try to open a link in Outlook and see if you are still not able to open hyperlinks in Outlook email.

3) Reset the edge settings

Can not open Outlook hyperlinks

The last option is to reset the Edge settings. Windows can ask Edge to open a link, if it is the default browser, but that does not work.

  • Open edge
  • Go to edge: // settings / reset
  • Click the restore settings to their default values
  • It will open a pop-up window in which you can confirm the action.

When you reset, you lose the start page, the new tab page, the search engine, the pinned tabs, and so on. It also disables all extensions and erases temporary data such as cookies. Your favorites, your history and your password will not be erased.

Likewise, you can reset Chrome and Firefox.

4) Repair Office

You may need to install Microsoft Outlook or the Office installation.

Repair Microsoft Office Online Quick

  • Right click on the beginning button and select Applications and features in the pop-up menu
  • Select the Microsoft Office product that you want to repair, and then select Edit.
  • It will open Office repair options
    • Fast Repair: Resolves most problems quickly without an Internet connection.
    • Online Repair: Solves all problems, but takes a little longer and requires a full Internet connection.

You can try to repair only Outlook. Try to open a link and see if it works as expected.

We hope these tips were easy to follow and that you could open the hyperlinks in Outlook Messaging in Windows 10.

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