Copy and Paste not working in Windows 10

copy paste not working

The Copy-and-Paste feature of Windows is one of the most common features of the operating system. But for whatever reason, if you find that it is not working properly, this message will help you solve the problem. This problem can occur if a system file is corrupted or if a third-party process interferes with the proper functioning of this feature.

Copy and Paste does not work in Windows 10

If you are unable to copy / paste, this article shows you how to fix the clipboard to reset the copy and paste feature in Windows 10. Here are some tips that you can try:

  1. Restart the rdpclip.exe process
  2. Restart the explorer.exe process
  3. Reinstall the program in which copy-and-paste does not work
  4. Clear the history of the clipboard
  5. Run SFC and DISM
  6. Troubleshoot in a clean boot state
  7. Use Refresh Windows Tool.

Let's see these suggestions in detail.

1) Restart rdpclip.exe

Right-click on the taskbar and select Task Manager.

Here, locate the rdclip.exe process, right click on it and select End Process.

Then, click the File tab> Run New Task. Type rdpclip.exe and press Enter.

This is useful if Copy and Paste does not work on your Remote Desktop connection.

2) Restart Explorer.exe

Restart the file explorer process and see if it eliminates the problem.

3) Reinstall the program in which Copy-Paste does not work

If copying and pasting does not work with a particular program, you must reinstall or repair it and see if it can help.

See this post if copy paste does not work in PowerPoint.

4) Clear the history of the clipboard

Clear the data from the clipboard and see if that helps. This has been known to help some people.

To clear the clipboard history using the command line, open CMD.exe and run the following command:

echo off | clip

As soon as you press Enter, check if the Copy and Paste function works correctly.

5) Run SFC and DISM

Run the System File Checker. This will replace potentially corrupted system files. If that does not solve the problem, you may want to run DISM to repair a potentially corrupted system image.

6) Troubleshooting in a clean boot state

To find out if a third-party process is interfering with the proper functioning of this feature, you can perform a clean boot, then try to identify the offender manually.

7) Refresh Windows 10

If nothing helps, back up your data, and then use the Microsoft Windows Refresh tool.

I hope something here has helped you recover the copy and paste function.

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