How to clear Cache in Google Drive and Google Docs

How to clear Cache in Google Drive and Google Docs

Clearing the cache in Google Drive and Google Docs do not harm your data. So you can safely delete it if you have trouble accessing your files. However, before continuing, it is essential to synchronize any offline file you are working on or the one to download soon. Here is a quick overview of the cache removal process in Google Drive and Google Docs.

Clear the cache in Google Drive and Google Docs

There are two ways to remove the cache in Google Drive and Google Docs, using Chrome on a Windows PC:

  1. Using the Chrome Settings Panel
  2. Insert URLs.

1) Using the Google Chrome Settings Panel

As its name indicates, this method uses the Google Chrome browser settings.

Start by loading the web application into Chrome, and then click the lockable symbol in the upper left corner of the address bar.

There, in the menu that appears, choose 'Site Settings'Option.

You'll be instantly taken to a special page in the Google Chrome Settings pane for Google Drive or Docs web apps.

Once there, press theErase data"Button seen under"Use& #39; section.

empty Google Drive cache

When prompted, click on 'Erase data'Again to confirm.

Once done, all locally cached content, including cookies, for the web application needs to be erased.

2) Inserting URLs

In this method, to clear the cache, simply insert the following URLs into the address bar and click the button & #39; Enter & #39; key.

For Google Drive:


For Google Docs, slides and sheets:


Once entered, you will see a screen listing all the content cached locally and linked to the web application. Choose 'Remove all'Option and you're done!

Soon, the cache will be erased from Google web applications such as Google Docs and Google Drive.

The trick is really useful when a user's computer crashes and requires a complete shutdown when accessing different types of media files and PDF files.

Let us know if it helps you.

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