How to turn off optimized battery charge on Apple Watch

How To Turn Off Optimized Battery Charge On Apple Watch

Optimized charging of the Apple Watch battery

watchOS 7 brings optimized battery charge to Apple Watch. This feature was first introduced for iPhones in iOS 13 and is intended to allow devices to adapt to your daily charging schedule and only fully charge the battery shortly before the operating system. anticipate that you plan to unplug your device.

While the optimized battery charge works great on iPhone, as most people connect their devices to a power source overnight, applying this feature on other devices like Apple Watch and AirPods may not be possible. – not be a good idea. This is because charging these portable devices is less predictable and most of the time you want them to fully charge as quickly as possible, instead of peaking at 80%.

How to turn off optimized battery charging

Fortunately, watchOS 7 includes the ability to turn off optimized battery charging.

how to turn off the optimized battery charge of Apple Watch

how to turn off the optimized battery charge of Apple Watch

  • Lift your wrist to wake up your Apple Watch and click the Digital crown.
  • Scroll down for the Settings (if using List view), or tap the specific icon, in the Honeycomb apps bundle.
  • Scroll down to Drums.
  • Press on Battery health.
  • Scroll to Optimized battery charging and turn it off. You are asked if you want to turn it off until tomorrow or permanently.
  • Made: On the Battery Health screen, you can also see how badly your Apple Watch battery has degraded over time. 100% that means it is as good as it is now. Values ​​around 80% indicate that the battery is approaching the end of its life cycle.

When should you turn off optimized charging?

Unlike your iPhone, you may be sleeping with your Apple Watch attached to better track your sleep. This will require you to charge your watchOS device as soon as you wake up in the morning, before starting your daily activities.
Surprisingly, after repeating this procedure for a week, my Apple Watch Series 6 started triggering an optimized battery charge every morning. The watch would show around 50% battery remaining when plugged into the MagSafe Washer and less than an hour later stuck at 80%, although I obviously needed it to fully recharge as quickly as possible. . If you are in a similar scenario, I recommend that you turn off optimized battery charging!

Disable optimized battery charge for AirPods

iOS 14 automatically activates this smart charging feature which aims to reduce battery aging for AirPods as well. However, the charging patterns of your wireless headphones can be really hit and miss and you might end up with your AirPods only 80% charged when you pick them up.
Fortunately, you can also turn off the optimized battery charge for AirPods. This is done from the paired iPhone, in the Bluetooth settings area. A quick how-to guide is available here.

Optimized battery charging is enabled by default on Apple Watch. Do you find it useful or have you decided to deactivate it? Use the comments section to share your comments.

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