Downgrade iOS 16.2 beta to 16.1 without data loss [How To]

downgrade iOS 16.2 to 16.1

Downgrade iOS 16.2 to 16.1

Yes, it is possible to downgrade iOS 16.2 beta to iOS 16.1 without losing data! If you are unhappy with the current performance of iOS 16.2 beta and unable to deal with bugs such as Camera not closing or App crashing Store, you can easily revert to the current public version.

Downgrade iOS 16.2 beta to 16.1

To perform this inversion, you need the following:

  • A Mac or Windows computer with Finder (pre-installed in macOS) or iTunes (must be downloaded from here).
  • A USB (USB-C) to Lightning cable.
  • Internet connection for computer and iPhone.
  • The iOS 16.1 ipsw file, or any other signed iOS 16 version that can be downloaded from (direct link).

How to Downgrade iOS 16.2 to 16.1

  • 1. Connect iPhone to Computer and open Finder or iTunes depending on the operating system your machine uses.
  • 2. Backup iPhone using the Back up now option in the Finder (make sure that Encrypt local backup is selected).
  • 3. On iPhonego for Settings -> Apple ID -> Find My -> Find My iPhone and turn it off. Otherwise, you will not be able to restore iPhone using a computer.
  • 4. On Macs, press and hold the option key + click Restore iPhone in the Finder.
  • 5. Select the recently downloaded iOS 16.1 ipsw file in the window that opens and click on Open.
  • 6. Click Restore to confirm that you want your Mac to erase and restore your iPhone on iOS 16.1. Be patient until Mac extracts software, prepares iPhone to restore (Apple logo shows on iPhone), restores software, verifies restore iPhone, and restores iPhone firmware .
    downgrade iOS 16.2 to iOS 16.1
  • seven. The iPhone restarts when the downgrade is complete. Swipe up on the “hello” screen and return to the Finder, on Mac. Click on iPhonein the sidebar, under Pitches. Wait for the device to be activated!
  • 8. Use the Restore from this backup option. Select the backup you want to use and enter the password to unlock the backup. Click on Restore and be patient.
  • Point: If you get the “Cannot restore iPhone ‘Mike’s iPhone’ because the backup was not compatible with the iPhone being restored.” you need to modify the backup file.
    restore iphone from backup ios 16.1

  • 9. On iPhone, tap Continueon the Restoration completed filter. Set up Face ID, set up a new password (maybe the same as your old one), sign in your Apple ID, and be patient until iCloud settings are updated!
  • 10. Follow the other on-screen prompts, including Location Services and Share iPhone Analytics with Apple until you reach the Welcome to iPhone filter. Swipe up to get started! That’s it, your device has been successfully downgraded to iOS 16.1!

Point: To stay on public releases, you need to search Settings -> General -> VPN & Device Managementremove the iOS 16 Beta Software Profile and restart your device.

Did you successfully downgrade iOS 16.2 beta to iOS 16.1? Did you encounter any issues or do you have any issues to report? Share your feedback in the comments.

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