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The touch screen tiles become so boring that the flaps resume their activities. That said, we’ve all seen the Moto Razr restarted for 2021 and congratulations to Motorola for the start-up and warm-up. However, this device did not seem to me so attractive, especially because of its specifications and its price. Just as I felt, Samsung decided to give their experimental and controversial Galaxy Fold a rest. Yes, we are talking about the brand new Galaxy Z Flip from Korean company. The breathtaking new Galaxy Z Flip just makes the look and feel of the dated Moto Razr. Speaking of which, we have 3 (2 default and 1 Thom Browne Edition) Static Samsung Galaxy Z Flip wallpapers in 2636 x 2636 px resolution. We have also 1 live wallpaper (MP4).

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip looks exquisite and expensive and its price suggests it. For $ 1380, you get the world’s first foldable glass phone (unlike other foldable phones, including Samsung’s own Galaxy Fold, which all use a plastic screen). Samsung has achieved this goal with its new UTG glass: Ultra-Thin Glass for the screen by letting it flex and bend. Of course, as you guessed, a fold is visible, but not very important in my opinion (better than a notch at least. No?). Anyway, let’s look at the wallpapers of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Wallpapers

The Galaxy Z Flip wallpapers are unlike any other Samsung wallpaper we’ve ever seen in the past. Bearing in mind the uniqueness of the Galaxy Z Flip, Samsung has created 2 wallpapers of a lotus flower. Interestingly, we also get a similar live wallpaper that is just flowing, beautiful and vibrant (don’t miss it). A Thom Browne edition of the Galaxy Z Flip was also launched so we have 1 wallpaper of this fancy edition of the device. Again, the resolution for static wallpapers is 2636 x 2636 px.

Reach out to Google Drive link below to download the wallpaper in his original glory. Or, for a scaled down version of the wallpapers, see our Gallery. Also don’t forget to download the live wallpaper via the link below.

Download Z Flip wallpapers

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The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

As mentioned earlier, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip has a dynamic Full HD + AMOLED screen with ultra-thin glass layers measuring 6.7 inches. The resolution of the HDR10 + compatible screen is 1080 x 2636 pixels. In addition, when folding the Galaxy Z Flip, we have a 1.1 inch secondary Super AMOLED screen for notification icons, time, date and other relevant information. The resolution of the secondary display is 112 x 300 pixels.

For more detailed specifications, don’t hesitate to consult our publication on the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

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