Firefox Preview 3.0 Gets Bundled with Tons of New Features

Firefox Preview 3.0

Mozilla seems to have really proven itself in the mobile browser segment. In addition to the stable Firefox browser, it also includes Firefox Lite, Firefox Beta, Firefox Nightlies and Firefox Preview, addressing the different user segments. And it's the Firefox preview browser that has recently been updated with many new features.

For starters, we have the Enhanced Tracking Protection feature, which handles the automatic playback behavior of videos, manually adds a search engine, and allows you to change the position of the navigation bar. But these are just the tip of the iceberg. Let's take a look at all the new features in FireFox Preview 3.0 that he recently enjoyed. Do not forget to check out some of the productive extensions of Firefox.

Firefox Preview 3.0: New Privacy Features

Mozilla has long been focused on a browser enriched with confidentiality (similar to what Monument Browser claims). Continuing this tradition, he has made useful additions and modifications to his privacy section. Beginning with Enhanced tracking protection, there have also been notable improvements. This Preview of Firefox The new 3.0 feature lets you edit these exceptions and manage individual site settings. You can now easily control cookies from various third-party sites.

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Another feature to note is the provision for open any link in the Private tab by default. You will now have a popup with the ability to select Firefox preview (private) when opening links. Apart from this, it has also added the ability to automatically erase browsing data as soon as you exit the application.

firefox preview delete data

To do this, go to Settings and activate the Delete navigation data when leaving functionality. This option would be present in the Privacy section. However, to remove Chrome cache and navigation data, refer to our detailed guide. Now let's move on to some of the new Firefox Preview features related to the user interface.

Changes in the user interface

Firefox preview bar

As far as the user interface is concerned, little has changed. The only notable entry in this section is the ability to move the navigation toolbar up. Previously, it was attached to the bottom of your screen and you had no option. Now, with the latest update of Firefox Preview, you can enable this new feature. To do this, open the application and tap the overflow menu located at the bottom right. Meeting on Settings and under the The basics section, press Toolbar. You can now select the desired position of the toolbar.

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Firefox Preview 3.0: Media Control

firefox preview auto play

The update to the Firefox 3.0 preview has also witnessed some exciting new features in the Multimedia Control section. In addition to the ability to disable the autoplay feature on all websites, you can now add some sites to the whitelist. To enable this feature, go to Settings > Site Permissions (under Privacy) > Automatic reading > Activate Blocked video and audio functionality.

However, to add some sites to the whitelist, open the desired website and tap the padlock icon in the address bar. Then go to Automatic reading and choose from the following three: Allow audio and video, Block audio, block audio and video. Likewise, check out these add-ons to block ads on the Firefox browser.

Other features

Firefox search engine preview

The latest version of Firefox Preview 3.0 also received another new feature, which was surprisingly lacking at this point. You can now add custom search engines to the browser. The option of doing this could be found in Settings > Search. Under Search, go to the default search engine section and press the button Add a search engine.

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firefox preview force zoom

The update has also seen the introduction of an accessibility feature. The browser has added support to force zooming on various websites. The option is present again in the Settings menu. Find the accessibility feature and turn on the Zoom on all the sites switch.

These are all new features of Firefox Preview 3.0. With browsers like Brave and Kiwi already giving Chrome a hard time, it looks like the competition is about to intensify.

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