Fix: HyperX Cloud 2 Mic Not Working [5 Ways]

Fix: HyperX Cloud 2 Mic Not Working [5 Ways]

Do you have trouble using your favorite HyperX Cloud II game headsets? Do not worry, sit back and stay relaxed, as this page will give you all the troubleshooting tips for how to repair the micro HyperX cloud 2 does not work so that you never miss the big game.

Hyperx Cloud 2 is a versatile gaming headset designed to provide an unparalleled gaming experience. It is a Kingston product whose specifications are designed to meet the needs of all players. The comfort of memory foam cushions, passive noise cancellation and virtual 7.1 surround sound are some of the reasons why it is an award winning headphone.

Features such as interchangeable pads, advanced audio control box and detachable microphone make this headset a customizable product. One of those remarkable customizable features, the detachable microphone is a kind of incident with this masterpiece. The microphone is something that is a problem for most users.

Many complaints particularly concern the microphone of these headphones. A little problem in the geniality. But this problem can be fixed so that your commands remain in the game. The game must continue.

Reasons why the HyperX cloud II mic does not work

The main reasons for this upsetting failure in the performance of these impeccable devices are:

  1. Loose / defective connections
  2. Defective audio software
  3. Obviation of volume control
  4. Audio settings of the game
  5. Deprecated audio drivers
  6. Microphone not set by default

This article will guide you through almost any troubleshooting solution to the problem of non-functioning HyperX Cloud 2 microphone so you can stay at the top of the charts.

How to fix the problem of micro HyperX Cloud 2

Well, there can be several methods to solve this problem. I recommend that you examine them one by one.

At the end of this article, you will surely have your HyperX Mic repaired.

1. Basic troubleshooting

Sometimes the problem is too simple for us to tend to avoid this and look for some major troubleshooting steps. But in the first place, before doing something a little tedious, these basic solutions deserve to be attempted:

BT 1: Check connections

wrongly inserted headphone jack

HyperX Cloud II is a wired device with a 3.5mm jack. The plug is a modular arrangement of two bands. The one supports the incoming sound and the other, the sound diffusion. Sometimes the user can hear the sound from the headphones but can not use the microphone to broadcast the voice. This is the reason for a partial connection of the plug in the port (that is, the audio tape does not fit properly in the port).

This is a very simple problem that can be solved by closely connecting the plug to the port. In addition, if the problem does not solve the problem, check the wear of the wires and connections in line and clean the port. Therefore, it is the best hardware solution that a user can achieve without enough technical knowledge.

BT 2: Activate the HyperX microphone and make it default

Sometimes a user may fall into a false perception before checking the audio settings. The obvious reason for this problem could be that the recording devices are disabled or muted or the volume is too low. Most of the time, the microphone is off / on. You can simply activate the microphone by following these steps:

  1. First of all, Right click the Speaker icon in the at the bottom right corner of the window taskbar.
  2. To select Recording devices in the context menu.right-click on the speaker icon and select the recording device
  3. Right click on the headset in the list and select Activate from the pop-up window and also press Set as default device following the same action plan.Activate the microphone and set it by default
    NOTE: If you you can not find the microphone of your headphones in the list, be sure to check Show disabled devices by right click in free space of Sound setting Window.Show_disabled_devices

Since the headset microphone is now activated and define as default recording device As a result, you probably will not encounter any problems using your HyperX cloud 2 headsets under Windows 10.

BT 3: Try audio troubleshooting

It's good to use Windows troubleshooting steps intermittently. Windows knows it better thanks to the UX. It also helps users to solve common problems quite well. It can be started by following these steps:

  1. Right click the Speaker icon in the at the bottom right corner of the window taskbar.
  2. To select Solve the problems of his in the context menu.Solve sound problems
  3. Just follow the steps followed by the troubleshooter.
  4. Apply the suggested fixes.

I hope that Windows was able to solve problems with the whole The HyperX Cloud 2 microphone is not working thing.

2.Update helmet drivers

Pilots (as their name implies) are important for performing daily operations and controls for synchronizing hardware with the software. Thus, it is often advisable to update your drivers for optimal and uninterrupted performance.

Hyperx cloud 2 microphone could stop working because of outdated audio drivers. So, to fix this problem by updating your drivers, follow these steps:

  1. Right click the Speaker icon in the at the bottom right corner of the window taskbar.
  2. To select Recording devices in the context menu.right-click on the speaker icon and select the recording device
  3. Select HyperX Cloud 2 Headset and press hyperX cloud 2
  4. Under Controller Information still go for his properties.
  5. Finally, go to Drivers tab and click Update drivers.Window2 Properties
  6. Also, if the Update Drivers option is not clickable, the corresponding drivers are probably up to date.

If it worked for you, then great :). Still no success? follow the next steps.

3 Search for other dumb sources

check the mute switch

The HyperX comes with two other major features, the first being the online connection and the second Advanced audio control box. These two can be a major source for turn off the microphone because they have a function to decrease and mute the broadcast sound. So, we can always check the advanced audio control box.


In addition, according to some users, one of the side faces of the USB connection can disable / reactivate the outgoing sound. Try to change it too.

4: Check the audio settings of HyperX Cloud 2 in the game.

Bad audio settings can prevent normal operation of your Hyperx microphones.

Yes Cortana is able to apprehend speech commands pretty well and the microphone of the headphones is work everywhere else except the game, then there could be a problem with the game or one of his settings. Check if the mic is not disabled in Game Controllers Section. Try to reinstall the game.

5: Problems with Realtek Audio

Realtek Audio is a controller for speakers and PC mics and other audio accessories. Sometimes this software tends to replace the Windows settings. To reconfigure these settings, follow these steps:

  1. First, press the Windows key and type Microphone privacy settings.mic-privacy-settings
  2. Pressing it will bring up a window. settings.
  3. Yes Let applications use my microphone settings is disabled, activate it by clicking the toggle
  4. In addition, check the applications that can use the microphone.

Therefore, this solution is very useful for putting the microphone back on track.


After following the instructions on this page, I hope you have cherished the success and happiness of using your microphone again. If, in some cases, the problem persists, always contact Kingston Customer Service in order to claim the warranty and check the internal hardware defects.

If you can not follow the steps above, leave a comment in the comments section below.

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