Get Android 10 Launcher Port (APK) for Android 9.0 Devices

android 10 launcher port

With the release of Android 10, some major changes and new features have appeared. Among them, the introduction of new gestural navigations was widely anticipated (with the native dark mode). If we talk about these gestures, then Google seems to be in direct confrontation with Apple. Although he is not yet as fluent as this one, he does his job pretty well. Unfortunately, these gestures could only be appreciated by Android 10 users on their devices. Thanks to the developer XDA senior paphonb, you can now carry the full APK Android Launcher APK on your devices running Android 9.0. Instructions on this subject are provided herein. Before you start with the guide, do not forget to discover 10 new features of Android 10. Android must have Magisk on your device to install and enjoy the Android 10 launcher with the new gesture navigation system and Google Feed .


  • The back gesture (sliding from the edge of the screen) that is part of SystemUI does not work from now on (17 September).


Note: You can still get the latest version of the Android 10 launcher APK from the XDA forums thread.

Features of Android 10 Launcher

  • Basic base Launcher3 base
  • Android gesture navigation Q
  • Slide down to the notification drawer
  • Dark theme
  • Google Feed

Steps to Wear Android 10 Launcher on Android 9.0 Devices

  1. Open the Magisk Manager app.
  2. Tap on the hamburger menu (the three horizontal lines) and select the magisk module
  3. Search the Fast Switch module and press the down arrow next to it.
  4. Now press INSTALL. In a few seconds, the module will be installed.
  5. To restart your device for the module to be activated.Quick switch module
  6. Now, to bring the Android 10 launcher to your device, you need to install the Quickstep Launcher from the link given above.
  7. Then open the Quick switch module and the Suppliers available, to select Quick step.
  8. A To confirm dialog box will appear. Press on D & #39; agreement and to restart your device for the changes to take place.magisk quickstep launcher
  9. When your device restarts, you can choose the Default launcher will appear. To select Quickstep Launcher and press Always. If no such option appears, go to Settings > Apps and notifications > Advanced > Default Apps > House App > Select Quick step from the list.
  10. Now, long press on the home screen until a menu pops up. To select Home settings Of the.
  11. Press on Developer options and switch to the ENABLE_GESTURE and FULL_GESTURE_MODE The options. In addition, other options such as the dark theme and open notification windows are also present. Look at them too.quickstep Android 10 gestures
  12. That's it. You have correctly ported the Android 10 Launcher to your device running Android 9.0 Pie.

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