5 Best OnePlus 7 Pro Custom ROMS

The OnePlus 7 Pro has only been released for a few months, but there are already many custom ROMs for the device. This is not surprising considering the popularity of the device due to various factors. We have already released a guide to unlock the OnePlus 7 Pro boot loader and install TWRP. An unlocked boot loader will be required to install custom ROMs as well as TWRP recovery. Here are some of the best custom OnePlus 7 Pro ROMs to check.

OnePlus 7 Pro is an amazing smartphone with several new benefits. I've compiled together some of the new features of the OnePlus 7 Pro a few days ago. Discover them too.

Renovate Ice ROM for OnePlus 7 Pro

Renovate Ice is a custom ROM based on Oxygen OS, but is distributed as an easy-to-install Magisk module. This greatly simplifies installation and removal compared to the traditional method of flashing a full ROM from TWRP. It is also easier to distribute because not having to include all existing Oxygen OS parts on your phone reduces the size of the ROM.

This is an interesting option for Oxygen OS fans who prefer to stick to standard firmware but have some more custom features, similar to a ROM. We discussed all the features that the ROM adds to Oxygen OS and how to install it in a separate port. Renovate Ice is one of the best ROM OnePlus 7 Pro. Please, see our detailed review Renovate Ice and tutorial.


RomAur is another custom ROM based on Oxygen OS, but it is a traditional non-magisk ROM. This means that you will have to download it in its entirety, erase the data and flash it from the TWRP recovery as any other ROM. It's always a good option for those who want to stay with Oxygen OS. The ROM offers better overall performance than the OnePlus 7 Pro ROM in stock. It promises faster scrolling, faster application switching, faster camera launch speed, excellent battery life and overall improvement in touch and speed.

The standard camera has also been modified to improve the quality of the camera. There are also some build.prop settings and governor optimizations. All the usual things you expect from a custom ROM in stock.

Lineage OS (unofficial)

Lineage OS OnePlus 7 Pro ROM

Lineage OS aims to be as close to stock as possible on Android, but it also adds some features that some users may appreciate. I'm not a fan personally because even Oxygen OS is more feature-rich than Lineage OS. This is the custom ROM to use by many users. It's simple, and does not complicate anything. It replaces available Android apps, including apps such as Audio EQ, Calendar, Screen Recorder and Jelly Browser.

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There are also some additional features on Android Pie, such as System-Wide Dark Mode, LiveDisplay, and LineageOS Privacy Guard. Unlike other ROMs that give priority, Lineage OS is a question of stability. That said, it's an unofficial version, for the moment, so you can expect that it's not performing as well as an official release.

There are still some bugs regarding the fingerprint scanner that need to be ironed. The ROM also has problems with the camera, especially with the 48MP main sensor.

Havoc OS (Beta) for OnePlus 7 Pro

Havoc OS OP7

Havoc OS is my favorite ROM since I use it on OnePlus 6 and it's now my favorite on OnePlus 7 Pro. There are definitely more problems with each update than Lineage OS. But the ROM is full of customization features. You can change almost everything from the status bar to the navigation bar, through the lock screen and the hardware buttons.

Many ROMs allow it well. The peculiarity of Havoc OS is that it is a Pixel-inspired ROM, so it also incorporates all the features of Google Pixel such as permanent display. It's like having pixel experience, but with all the custom ROM features. However, the OnePlus 7 Pro custom ROM is still in beta. The Wi-Fi call does not work at all yet while GPS and NFC do not work on some models.



AOSiP stands for Android Open Source Illusion Project and is based on the Open Source Android Project (AOSP), in case the name would not have clearly suggested it. This custom ROM for OnePlus 7 Pro focuses on useful features, customization and stability. It includes many customizable features, but not as much as Havoc OS. However, it is generally more stable.

The ROM is stable and does not present a known problem at the moment, but it is a custom ROM. It is still possible that you have an unknown problem. For some time now, AOSiP has been my favorite ROM and that's why it's ranked among the top 5 OnePlus 7 Pro ROMs.

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