How to Fix OK Google Command Not Working on Android

One of the easiest and coolest ways to launch the Google Assistant on an Android smartphone is to call the invoke command – OK Google. However, Google Assistant surprisingly does not respond to the command for some users. To help you correct this anomaly, we have listed seven possible solutions in the section below. Also, […]

How to Enable and Turn off Google Assistant Ambient Mode

The ambient mode of Google Assistant was announced in 2019, but few people know the functionality and its usefulness. To start with, the assistant ambient mode is a redefined “ permanent display ” which only lights up when you charge your Android device. It replaces your phone’s native lock screen with notifications as well as […]

Google Assistant Ambient Mode Arriving On OnePlus Phones

OnePlus’ Oxygen operating system is widely regarded as the best Android experience in a world where Google’s Pixel smartphones exist. There are several reasons for this, including the material side of things. A very large part of this is also OnePlus’ approach to software. Oxygen OS is very open to Android, adopting new features and […]

Top 4 Ways to Fix Google Assistant Is Not Available on This Device Error

Google Assistant is one of the best products made by Google, and also one of the best virtual assistants for mobile and smart home gadgets. Despite the constant development and improvement of the product, users encounter some hiccups when it is used, especially on smartphones. One of the many setbacks that some users (new and […]

How to Turn on Smartphone Flashlight using Google Assistant app

Gone are the days when we had to press a few buttons to get things done on a smartphone. Touchscreen smartphones have replaced the need for keys. If that was not enough, we can now simply issue voice commands and perform various actions on smartphones. Speaking of voice instructions, the first thing that comes to […]

How to Sync Your Notes App with Google Assistant

The Assistant app created by the giants of Silicon Valley, Google is capable of performing so many useful features that it is really difficult to count them. From creating reminders to waking up each morning, the possibilities are endless. But even with such a plethora of options already in his arsenal, he continues to get […]

Launch Google Assistant with Power Button on OnePlus Devices

Earlier, we covered a guide for Samsung users outlining the ways to remap the Bixby button to launch Google Assistant. When OnePlus launched the OnePlus 5T, it got rid of the home button. It meant that the company had to make some changes. The fingerprint reader went to the back and the company also presented […]

How to Delete Google Assistant Search History

After various cases of reported data leaks, confidentiality seems to have become the main concern of every user. They are even willing to sacrifice some of the features if this ensures a safe and secure environment for working. Plus, most often, these are the little things that users forget to keep an eye on. Do […]

How to Enable Ambient Mode in Google Assistant

The ambient mode of Google Assistant was initially intended for smart display devices. But since then, Google has also extended it to two smartphones. Ambience mode lets you control song tracks, view Google Photos albums, or even control your smart home devices. It even allows you to take a look at various events such as […]

Top 10 Ways to Fix Google Assistant Routines Not Working Issue

The Google Assistant continues to improve day by day through annual updates. Today, it works with several intelligent speakers powered by artificial intelligence to control smart home appliances. You can also control lighting, fans, thermostats and other smart devices. Routines are a nice feature, but for some users, Google Assistant routines do not work. This […]

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