We couldn’t setup your Personal Vault – OneDrive Error 0x8031002c

Fix OneDrive Error 0x8031002c, We couldn’t setup your Personal Vault

When configuring One Drive Personal Vault, an error message indicating: We could not configure your personal vault, error code 0x8031002c. The error appears when you have a computer connected to a Windows 10 Pro or Azure AD domain, or when an administrator on your Windows 10-based computer has a group policy that conflicts with the installation. In this article, we will help you solve this problem and configure Personal Vault on your computer.

We could not set up your personal safe. Your system administrator has configured encryption settings that are incompatible with Personal Vault. Error Code: 0x8031002c

The cause of the error is very simple: Bitlocker! Both systems encrypt the data and if you run Bitlocker on Personal Vault, they must work together.

If you have Bitlocker enabled on your computer or someone else has done it and this is causing a conflict, you may receive this error.

There is a specific policy – BitLocker protected fixed data drives are retrieved in the absence of the required identification information. If enabled, you must disable it to configure Personal Vault.

To fix OneDrive Error 0x8031002c, We could not set up your personal vault

Error Fixing OneDrive Personal Vault 0X8031002C

  1. Open the Group Policy Editor
  2. Go to Computer Configuration> Administrative Templates> Windows Components> Bitlocker Drive Encryption> Fixed Data Drives
  3. Double click Choose how bitlocker-protected fixed drives can be recovered
  4. Set it as disabled or unconfigured
  5. Then run the following command in CMD – gpupdate / force
  6. Finally, click on the Personal Vault icon to start the configuration process.

Although this sounds simple, this solution works with a computer that has not joined a domain or that is under AD and Intune. So, for the rest of you, you will have to solve a few problems to find out what works with your computer and your connected organization.

One of the users received the error while using the encrypted XtsAes256 system drive, protected by TPM 2.0.

The policy allows you to configure the recovery key and password, allows you to back up recovery information in AD DS, and so on. You may need to connect to your IT administrator to resolve this problem.

The dependence of Personal Vault with Bitlocker is confusing because of the way it is implemented. Because Personal Vault can synchronize on Windows 10 systems, it could have been only cloud-based encryption. However, Microsoft wants to ensure that Personal Vault remains secure and, if I am not mistaken, the key to open the vault is synchronized to all devices.

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