Google Launches 5 New Digital Wellbeing Apps in Play Store

google digital wellbeing apps
The invasion of the smartphone has been such that it has practically removed us from social life. The boundary between social and digital aspects of life is quite thick, with the former becoming more separated from others. To reduce this digital dependence, Google bought the Digital Wellbeing with Android 9.0 Pie. We have already dealt in depth with digital well-being. So I would not have to say that much here. But recently, Google has launched several new Digital Wellbeing apps on the Play Store. Let's take a look at each of them in this guide.

One thing to keep in mind is that all of these applications are experimental applications of Digital Wellbeing. As a result, you may experience stability issues in some or all of them. So, use these apps keeping this point in mind.

1. Unlock the Digital Wellbeing Clock app

unlock the clock

The first application that is part of the new Digital Wellbeing applications is the unlock clock. This app is a live screen background that displays a count of the number of times you have unlocked your device in a day. This will help you know how many times you have used your device during the day. To set this live wallpaper, start by downloading this app from the link below. Then go to the Google Wallpaper app and set it as live wallpaper.

2. PO Box

Letter box

This app gives you more control over how you receive notifications. Instead of being constantly spammed by notifications throughout the day, the app allows you to choose a time (more precisely) on which you want to receive all your notifications. However, if you are concerned about missing some important notifications, this application also covers it. You can simply use the "I need to see my notifications now" option at any time to view your notifications.

3. Morph Digital Wellness App

morph digital wellbeing

An interesting addition to Digital Wellbeing applications. Morph is an Android launcher that shows different apps depending on the time of day or your position. You just need to add your home, work and other similar addresses. The next time the application will note your location, it will automatically suggest the application to use. For example, in my case, the application displays Gmail, Calendar and Drive applications at the workplace. One thing to keep in mind is that it is a launcher. As a result, you will need to abandon your current launcher to use this feature.

4. We return

digital well-being we return

Another of the Digital Wellbeing apps that helps keep all your peers and family away from the digital world. You will need to define a group of your family or friends. Then each member will have to install this application on their device. Finally, they will all switch to a switch to start a new session. At the beginning of the session, the application starts counting the number of times all your group members are away from their devices.

As soon as someone unlocks his device, the session is interrupted and everyone receives a summary report. The culprit could easily be identified via this report! Plus, you can not even watch your device to check notifications. We, Flip, could easily identify these images and immediately interrupt the session.

5. Desert Island Digital Wellbeing App

desert island

The latest on Digital Wellbeings' list of new apps is Desert Island. As you may have guessed, you will have a handful of important applications at your disposal to "survive" the day. You will have the freedom to choose a number of crucial applications and then launch the 24 hour challenge. This challenge will help you determine if you can really limit yourself to essential applications throughout the day.

It should not be forgotten that all your other applications would always be accessible. But accessing it during the challenge period will destroy the only reason for this application. In addition, you would not want a summary report of Desert Island failure, and you? Similar to Morph, it is also a launch application, so you must choose accordingly.

So it was the five new Digital Wellbeing applications launched by Google. What do you think about this? Are you going to try these apps or are you pretty satisfied with the Digital Wellbeing feature already on your device? Express your opinions in the comments section below.

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