Google Pay Now Supports Pixel 4 Face Unlock

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Recently, Google launched the fourth-generation Pixel smartphones. Before the advent of Pixel 4, many Android smartphones were unlocked. That said, they also provided a built-in fingerprint sensor or screen. Well, this time, Google has completely abandoned the fingerprint sensor in favor of unlocking the face. Therefore, specific applications and services need to change their biometric authentication method to cope with unlocking for Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL. The first application that confirmed the unlocking support for Pixel 4 was Lastpass. In addition to Lastpass, Google Pay also added facial unlocking support for Pixel 4.

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Well, if you own a Pixel 4 or a Pixel 4 XL, you can now make your payments by simply watching your device.

Use the face unlock in Google Pay for sending money

Google Pay is a traditional online payment application used by millions of people. Well, this Google online payment app has been updated Oct. 24 to support facial recognition. To use Face Unlock in Google Pay, you must update your app to the latest version, which is 2.100.275591585.

You can turn on the biometric authentication option from the Shipping settings in Google Pay. The latest version of Google Pay allows users to enable and disable unlocking by PIN and PIN. Once you turn on Face Unlock, a confirmation request appears.

Unlock Google Pay Face

As with Lastpass and Google Pay, we can expect other apps and mainstream services to soon include Face Unlock as a reliable authentication method.

The Android BiometricPrompt API is a new back-end language that allows you to use Face Unlock as one of the biometric authentication methods. Currently, only half a dozen applications use this API, and most of them are still in beta. Google said all developers should implement support for the new BiometricPrompt API in application updates that will be released after November 1, 2019.

So these are simple steps to use the face unlock in Google Pay. In the coming years, many major smartphone manufacturers should eliminate fingerprint sensors.

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