Google Play Points: A Rewards Program by Google

google play points
Google Play Points is a new rewards program launched by Google. This initiative allows you to earn points that could be redeemed on the Play Store, Play Music or Play Movies. You can spend these points to buy a paid app, games or movies, or to make in-app purchases. Google also plans to organize promotional events during which you can earn up to 4x normal points. Philanthropy in mind? Not a solution. You can also share your points with some of the participating NGOs. Now let's see how to earn these points and activate the feature.


Originally, Google Play Points was only available in Korea. The program has now been extended to the United States and Japan. In the future, other countries could join this rewards program. For the moment, users who can not get their hands on this feature can try Google Opinion Rewards.

Join now

However, if you belong to one of the three countries mentioned above, all you have to do is go to Play store. Then tap on the hamburger menu and select the Play points option. Finally, press the Join button.

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Google Play Points

Once you sign up for Google Play Points, you'll earn points for purchases made through a valid Google Account. Here's how you could earn points. And yes, joining this rewards program is totally free. You do not have to spend a dime on it.

How to earn points

You can buy apps or games or make an in-app / in-game purchase. By subscribing to services related to these applications and games, you will also earn points. Apart from this, the purchase of books, movies, TV shows or music albums should also make the case necessary.

Sometimes you can also earn Google Play Points by also installing free apps and games. All of these purchases must be made on the Play Store, Play Movies or the Play Music app only. Purchases from any other application (even if it belongs to Google, like YouTube) will not be considered.

Point calculation formula

play at the points level

The calculation formula for Google Play Points is the price of the application multiplied by your base level. Here is a detailed explanation of the formula. For starters, there is a four-level promotion level. These are Bronze, silver, gold and platinum. At Bronze, for each $ 1 spent, you will win 1 point. At the next higher level, that is to say money you will earn points, 1.1 times the money you spend. Gold the level allows you to win 1.2 points for each $ 1 you spend. Finally, Platinum level users would be able to get 1.4 times the point for each $ 1 you spend.

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Moreover, during the Promotional events, you can win 4x Google Play Points for every dollar you spend. Or you can earn 2x (Bronze), 3x (Silver), 4x (Gold) or 5x (Platinum) points for every dollar spent on movies or books. The more you spend and participate in such offers and events, the sooner you reach the next level.

How to use these Google Play Points

On your Android device, go to Play store. Then press the three horizontal lines and select Play points > Use. Now select the application, game, movies, books, coupons or credits of your choice, then press Points of use. As mentioned earlier, you can also spend these points for a social cause. Currently, Médecins Sans Frontières USA, Save the Children and the United States World Food Program are the participating non-profit organizations.

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So, everything was about Google Play Points. If you'd like to learn more about this latest Google Rewards program, please let us know in the comments section below.

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