How to Add COVID Pass to Wallet on iPhone in iOS 15

COVID vaccination card on iPhone

Are you trying to add COVID Pass to Wallet on iPhone but it doesn’t work? First of all, you should know that this feature is only available in iOS 15.1 and later. So, make sure your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch is running the correct software version!

How to add the COVID pass to the wallet

  • The easiest way to add your COVID-19 vaccination card to your iPhone is by using the Camera application.
  • If your certificate is accompanied by a QR Code, just open the original Camera app and bring the code into the viewfinder.
  • iOS 15 must recognize the code and a Health Where Wallet The application pop-up window should appear on the screen. Tap on it!
  • Made: In some cases you need to add your COVID-19 health records to the Health app and from there you have the option to add the vaccination card to your Wallet app!

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COVID Pass To Wallet not working?

covid vaccination card no usable data found

If you scan the QR code of your COVID vaccine and get the “No usable data found” message, it means that iOS 15 is not able to recognize your vaccination record and you have to use a third party application!

1. In the United States

covid vaccination added to portfolio

If you haven’t verified your vaccination information There you can collect your smart health card. A list of participating organizations is available for each US state.

Even if your condition is not covered, if your hospital uses My Chart, you can extract your vaccination record and add it to your Wallet.

2. In the European Union

If you live in the EU, the option to add the COVID-19 vaccination card to the Wallet app must also go through a third party.

Although all countries in the European Union provide a QR code as proof of vaccination, the iPhone Camera app and QR code scanner app are not yet able to recognize the document and provide a direct link for the Health or Wallet application.

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There are a few third party websites that act as a bridge. We’ve checked them out and they seem safe to use (in terms of data security). However, do your own due diligence before using them:

    How to add COVID Pass to the wallet using a third-party site

    how to add a covid pass on iphone

  • (Ads as local treat, not-for-profit, and open source)
  • -> Press Next after loading the link shared above
    -> check the box Privacy Policy checkbox

    -> press Scan the QR code

    -> To allow Camera access
    -> bring QR-code in the viewfinder

    -> press Add to Apple Wallet

    -> press Add to confirm.

    Advice: Open the Wallet app and check your certificate!

    How to add the COVID-19 vaccine to the portfolio with a third-party site

    how to add covid pass to the wallet

  • (Listing like “Created on your device”, “Open source and transparent”, “Hosted in the EU”)
  • -> Press Start the camera Where Choose the folder of Files Where Pictures

    -> Choose a color for the bottom of your pass
    -> I accept Privacy Policy
    -> Add to portfolio

    -> press Add (upper right corner) to confirm.

    Made: Open Wallet and check your certificate!

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Have you successfully added your COVID-19 vaccination card to the Wallet app? Do you have any questions or suggestions? Use the comments section to share your thoughts.

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