How to change from Dual monitor to Single in Windows 10

How to disable one monitor in dual monitor setup

If you are using a dual screen configuration and want to deactivate a monitor, here are two ways to do this. The first method is applicable to all multi-screen users, while the second method can only be used when you are an NVIDIA GPU user.

Many people use a dual monitor configuration to increase productivity when editing videos, images, etc. If you are one of them but need to turn off one of the monitors to check a specific setting, you can do so using this guide, whether you are using a dual monitor with a VMware virtual machine or a machine VirtualBox.

How to switch from Dual Monitor to Single Monitor

Now let’s see how to turn off a monitor in a two-monitor configuration and switch from the two-monitor configuration to a single monitor configuration in Windows 10. There are two ways to do this:

  1. Using Windows settings.
  2. Using the NVIDIA control panel.

1]Disable a monitor in a two-monitor configuration using Windows settings

First open Windows settings. Although there are several ways to do this, you can press Win + I button to open it.

After opening Windows settings, go to System> Display. Here you can find all of your monitors on the right side.

Choose the number of monitors you want to temporarily deactivate or deactivate and find out Multiple displays the drop-down list.

From there you have to select Show only on [display-number] option.

If you want to deactivate monitor number 2, you must choose Show only on 1. Likewise, you must select Show only on 2, if you are going to deactivate monitor number 1.

After selecting either option, your monitor should be turned off immediately.

Lily: Dual Monitor Tools allows you to manage multiple monitors.

2]Disable the monitor using the NVIDIA control panel

If you are using NVIDIA GPU, you have already installed the driver. The best thing is that it comes with the NVIDIA control panel which allows users to manage all of the graphics related settings from one place.

Therefore, open the NVIDIA control panel on your computer and go to View> Configure multiple screens in the left sidebar.

Here you can see the names of your monitors. You must remove the mark from the box you wish to deactivate or deactivate and click on the Apply to save the change.

After that, you won’t find anything on the selected monitor. To activate it, you must check the same box and save your change.

That’s all!

How to deactivate a monitor in a two-monitor configuration

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