How to Change System Accent Color on Android 10

ssystem accent color android 10

Android is known for its customization. Stock Android is the favorite version of enthusiasts. Yet, ironically, Android is the least customizable version of Android. The default launcher does not support icon packs or any other useful customization. After 10 years, there is finally a dark "theme". And it's the most customizable he has been. Android 10 also brings some other customization options and settings although they are hidden. You can change the icon shapes and accent colors of the system on the entire system on Android 10.

A dark theme and the ability to choose your own accent color are pretty basic features offered by OnePlus for years. Although the selection of OnePlus accent colors is much more varied. But if you are using an Android 10 device, you can finally get some new colors. For now, only Google Pixel devices officially run this version of Android. The settings in question are hidden by default under the options for developers, a whole hidden section of the settings. This implies that Google does not think that these features are ready for prime time.

Therefore, be prepared to encounter some inconsistencies, although this is about as serious as normal. Most of the time, none of the development options settings create system crashes or unrecoverable bugs. So you can always feel safe. In general, try not to touch what you do not know.

Change the focus color of the Android 10 system

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Scroll the screen to the bottom and select About phone.
  3. Press the To build number 7 times and you should see a toast notification you are now officially a "developer".
  4. Come back to Settings.
  5. Press on System, located just above About phone.
  6. Press on Advanced. settings of the system and developer options
  7. You should now see a new option titled developer The options.
  8. Go to developer The options.
  9. Scroll down to the bottom and you should find the The theme section.
  10. Touch Accent Color. Accentone plus 7 pro system accent color
  11. Select one of the available options and the accent color of the system will change accordingly.

Android 10 only allows for the moment a choice between eight color options. It can be expected that the number of choices increases or even gives additional control as on Oxygen OS. But for Android 10, there are only these options. These are Blue (the default choice) Cinnamon, Black, green, Ocean (another shade of blue), Space, Orchid, and Purple.

The parameter for changing the shapes of the icons is located in the same section at the bottom. It allows to change the icons of the system between Circle (Default value of the device), Square, Tear, and Rounded rectangle. This also changes the shapes of the application icons for applications that support Android adaptive icons. Adaptive icons are a feature introduced 3 years ago with Android Nougat. Unfortunately, most applications still do not support it.

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