How to Check EXIF ​​Metadata and Photo Location (iOS 15)

how to check exif ​​metadata and photo location (ios 15)

How to check the EXIF ​​data of Photos.

A popular new feature in iOS 15 lets you check EXIF ​​metadata of photos taken with your iPhone! This includes detailed information about the image format, extensive data about the configuration of the camera used to capture it, and even the location where it was captured.

On the same interface, iOS 15 displays information about the date and time of the image capture, which by the way, can be adjusted manually. The name of the image file as well as the Add caption feature introduced in iOS 14 are also available.

How to Check Photo Metadata in iOS 15

how to display EXIF ​​metadata in photos

  • Open the Application of photos and navigate to an image you want to learn more about.
  • Tap the blue circled “i” icon available in the bottom menu, next to the addition to Favorites and Wipe off photo option.
  • the EXIF metadata swipe from the bottom of the screen.
  • Advice: You can also unveil the photo info card by swiping the image up!

How to read photo metadata in iOS 15

1. Captions

At the top of the information screen, you can Add caption like in iOS 14. This will make it easier for you to find a photo via search when searching for it.

2. Date, time and name

how to set photo date and time in iOS 15

Then you have Date and hour Info. These metadata are editable. Press on Adjust and you can change the date, time and Time zone. Tap Made when it’s ready.
Made: Under the date and time information, you can get the name of the image. It is currently not editable, although many of us would like it to be.

3. Camera metadata

The third section includes detailed information about the camera used to capture the photo. You can read iPhone model, camera type, lens information, sensor MegaPixel size, resolution and required image storage space.
Made: If the photo is not captured with a camera, such as a screenshot, this section will be displayed blank.

4. Location

Then you can check where the photo was taken. iOS 15 will show approximate location even though Rental services are disabled on your iPhone.
Advice: This part of the metadata can also be modified.
How? ‘Or’ What: Press on Add a location and provide the capture location manually using the Search field.

How? ‘Or’ What: To allow iOS 15 to automatically generate location data, opt for Settings -> Privacy -> Location services and activate Rental services. Also make sure that the Room application is authorized to access your Location.

5. Show in all photos

Finally you have the Show in all photos option, which helps you exit the metadata info screen and display the image in the Timeline view of all photos.

How to Find Photos in iOS 15

how to search photos in iOS 15

Another new feature in Photos lets you quickly find details available in an image like plants. If iOS 15 detects a certain flower or tree in your image, it can quickly display similar images from the web or Siri’s database.
How? ‘Or’ What: Tap the small leaf icon displayed in the middle of the photo and an info card slides up and down the screen.

Important: All the new features highlighted in this article are available in iOS 15! The next generation iPhone OS was unveiled at WWDC21 and is currently available for beta testing. It will be released this fall. You can test it yourself by following this tutorial, or wait for the public release!

What do you think of Photos’ EXIF ​​metadata feature? Is this also a welcome addition for you? Use the comments section to share your comments. Don’t hesitate to ask if you need more information!

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