How to update AirPods Max firmware to version 3E756

how to update airpods max firmware to version 3e756

AirPods Max Firmware 3E756

AirPods Max firmware version 3E756 was released by Apple! This is the third software update ever deployed for high-end Bluetooth headphones, since their launch in December 2020. It replaces the build number 3C39, which was seeded in March.

AirPods Max 3E756 firmware specifications

Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t provide any information in the form of an update log for AirPods Max firmware updates. These could be under the hood improvements, bug fixes, and other improvements.

However, the timing of the AirPods Max 3E756 firmware update suggests that the new version likely correlates with the release of the Apple Music Spatial Audio feature. With Dolby Atmos, you can now use your AirPods Max to listen to music streamed in 3D audio from a compatible iPhone, iPad or Mac device.

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How to check the firmware of AirPods Max

Unlike iOS, iPadOS, or macOS, AirPods Max software cannot be updated manually. Apple in-ear headphones will update manually when certain conditions are met. Here’s how to check the current firmware version of your AirPods Max and see if your headphones have already been updated:
AirPods Max Firmware on iPhone

  • Connect AirPods Max‌‌ to iPhone or iPad.
  • Open Settings and press Bluetooth.
  • Tap blue “i” icon available next to the name of your AirPods.
  • Check the character string available next to the ‘Version’ label, in the About section. If he reads 3E756, it means your AirPods Max is updated to the latest version!
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How to Update AirPods Max Firmware

If your AirPods are still running the older 3C39 firmware, you can apply this trick to try to force the update:

  • 1. Reset your AirPods Max and connect them to a power source.
  • 2. Also connect them to your iPhone or iPad.
  • 3. Leave them near the paired iOS / iPadOS device for a longer period of time.
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Update your AirPods Max to firmware 3E756. Do you notice a difference in your music playing experience? Use the comments section to share your comments!

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