How to create multiple profiles on Edge Chromium browser?

How to create multiple profiles on Edge Chromium browser?

The final version of the new Chromium-based Edge browser is expected to be available soon and will come with a load of features. In this article, we tried to explain how to create multiple profiles on the new Edge Browser on Windows 10.

Create multiple profiles on the new Edge browser

If you've already used Google Chrome or Chromium, you'll find out. The process is quite simple and is a great way to manage separate navigation profiles. People usually create multiple profiles for different people, different use cases (work and home), and so on. All profiles have their own browsing history, cookies, download history, extensions and are completely separate and independent of each other. This is a good way to keep things organized and separate.

Let's now explore how to create multiple profiles on Edge. You must already have a profile that you used to browse the Internet. To create a new profile, click on the image of your profile or on the reservation mark avatar just next to the address bar. Now, if you want to create a temporary profile, you can click on Browse as a guest.

A new Edge window will appear with Guest as the user. Guest profiles are temporary profiles and Edge will keep their data only as long as the guest window is open. You or your guests can use this profile if you do not want navigation data saved on your computer.

If you are looking for a more permanent profile, click on Add a profile instead of. Now choose a name, select an icon and click Add. It was as simple as that; you will be able to use your newly created profile which is entirely separate from your main profile. The user can even log into this profile with the same account or a different account to synchronize your data and settings. You can synchronize as many profiles as long as you have enough different Microsoft accounts.

Switching between accounts is also very simple. Click your avatar or profile picture, and select the account you want to switch from the drop-down list. A new window with this account will open automatically.

Deleting a profile is also quite simple. Open Edge with the profile you want to delete. Now, navigate to edge: // parameters / people and click Remove corresponding to your profile and profile as well as all its data will be deleted from your computer.

So it was more about managing a profile on the new Edge browser. As mentioned, profiles are a great way to keep things separate and organized.

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