How to Enable RCS in Google Messages Irrespective of Carrier

rcs in google messages
Once, what was the standard protocol for sending and receiving text messages is to bite the dust. With the arrival of WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger, etc., the default mail application could now only be found among the ruins. Aside from the receipt of OTP, the use of this application is almost non-existent nowadays. But it seems that all of this is about to change, for good. Google recently introduced the Rich communication service feature in the Android stock application Messages. It allows you to send images, videos and other multimedia files via WiFi. This looks like what iMessage does for iPhones. Let's take a look at this feature in depth. In addition, the steps for activating the RCS feature in Google Messages will also be discussed. It does not matter which carrier you are on. It is a universal guide completely independent of the carrier.

What is the RCS protocol?

RCS or Rich Communication Service allows you to send high resolution images, videos, GIFs, etc. It will even let you know when the respondent is typing. Apart from that, the built-in Google Assistant also helps to provide and share locations. For example, if you type "Let's watch the movie Joker". Then the Wizard application will automatically share all the movie theater locations nearby with the movie schedules.

rcs message suggestions

If we talk about the availability of the RCS feature in Google Messages, it is rather a coincidence. In India, some Vodafone users have been able to activate this feature, but that's it. The same has been the case in various countries, particularly the United States. But now there is a simple adjustment to help you activate and use the RCS feature in Google Messages.

It has no connection with the carrier you are on or with the country to which you belong. The thing mentioned here is universally applicable. However, you may face some problems during the installation. If this is the case, refer to our troubleshooting tips at the end of the guide.

RCS functionality in Google Messages

To enable the RCS feature in the Google Messages app, you need several items. First, make sure to use the Google Messages app v5.2. For this you will have to be part of the beta tester groups. Register it right away and wait for the update to arrive. There is, currently. no other way to get your hands on this version of the application.

In addition, we will tweak the settings, or rather an indicator, in the messaging application. For that, we will have to have access to his "activity". the Activity Launcher quite suitable (do not trust the name of the application, it is not a launcher, but an application). Downloaded the required applications? Awesome. Now follow the instructions below to enable the RCS feature in Google Messages.

Steps to enable RCS in Google Message

  1. Make sure to turn off your WiFi before starting the process. Now open the Activity Launcher.
  2. Press the Recent Activities menu and select All activities in the drop-down menu.activate rcs flags
  3. Then press the posts option and select Set RCS flags.
  4. Now, under the URL of the ACS, tap the drop-down arrow next to Set ACS URL. Select the third option, that is to say "Http://" This flag is responsible for enforcing the RCS feature in Google Messages.RCS message flags
  5. Press the Apply button and force the closure the messaging app. To do this, go to Settings > Apps and notifications > See all apps xx > Select posts > Force the closure.
  6. Now reopen the email application and you will see appear Update now option present at the bottom. if no such option exists, press the button exclamation point top right.enable rcs messages
  7. Google will now check your mobile number and the configuration will be completed in a minute or two. To check if the feature has been configured correctly, go to Settings > Chat features > Status should now be set to "Linked".

That's it. You have correctly configured the RCS feature in the Google Messages application. You can now enable WiFi or mobile data and start using this feature. Do not forget to send these RCS messages only to users who have enabled this feature on their device.

Troubleshooting tips

When setting up the RCS feature in Google Messages, the most common mistake is that Google fails to read the verification code. Even though you receive Google's code, they could not read the same code. If this, or any other type of error you encounter during installation, follow the troubleshooting steps below.

  1. Meeting on Settings > Chat features. In the Status section you will see a Repeat option. Next to it will be the country code and the mobile number section. Make sure that the country code has not been added again as a prefix in the cell number section. This will make your mobile phone number 13 digits (including +91), which will be a problem for Google.delete the country code
  2. If your mobile number has been entered correctly, try forcing the application to close. Then restart your device and reopen the application again. Check if this activates the RCS feature in Google Messages.
  3. Still no luck? Then erase the data from the Carrier Sevices application.
  4. Finally, if all else fails, head back to the Activity Launcher > posts > RCS Flags Set. Under this section, tap the drop-down menu next to OPT model and select "Your sMessenger sverification scode sis sG – ( d {6})". Press on Apply, force the Messages application, reopen it and press Update now. Wait until the end of the process and the feature should now be enabled.activate the new flag

With this, we conclude the guide on how to enable the RCS feature in the Google Messages application. Let us know if you have a problem configuring the same on your Android device.

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