How to enable Versioning in SharePoint for a Library or List

How to enable Versioning in SharePoint for a Library or List

Whenever there is a change in the library, a user can easily store, track and restore items via version management in SharePoint. This feature allows a user to control the content published on their site. So let's see how to configure version control in SharePoint 2016 for a library and a list, separately.

Enable version control in SharePoint for a library or list

Track and manage information over time with version control in SharePoint lists and libraries. View and retrieve previous versions of the item history. When this option is enabled, new versions are added to an item's history after the changes are saved. The number of versions stored and the visibility of preliminary or minor versions can be changed for each list and library, says

The version management utility in SharePoint can be used when you need to view or restore an old version of an item or file. To enable version control for a list or library in SharePoint-

  1. Go to the settings in the list or in the library in the Settings group.
  2. Go to the Version Settings page
  3. Configure version control for the document library
  4. Configure version control for the list
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If you have existing libraries on your OneDrive for Business site that don't have an activated version, you can activate the version for them at any time.

1) Go to the List settings or Library settings group

Go to the library or the SharePoint list for which you want to activate version management.

Choose the Library or listing tongue.

Below & # 39;settings"Group, choose"Library& # 39; or & # 39;listing".

2) Go to the Version settings page

When the & # 39;Library settings»Opens, click on the button«Version settings’Link displayed in blue.

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3) Configure version management for the document library in SharePoint

Version management in SharePoint

When directed to "Version settings", Activate version control by checking the appropriate options listed under the following headings,

  • Require content approval for submitted items.
  • Create a new version each time you modify a file in this document library, either major versions only, or major and minor versions.
  • Limit the number of versions and drafts to keep.
  • Define who can see the drafts.
  • Insist that documents be verified before they can be changed.

4) Configure version control for the list in SharePoint

Similarly, to enable version control for List in SharePoint, check the options you want under "Version settingsFor the list.

If at some point you want to disable version control in a SharePoint list or library

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Repeat the above steps, but choose "No versioning& # 39; on the & # 39;Version settings. You can also check No to require approval of the content.

Anyone authorized to manage lists can activate or deactivate version control for a library. Version control is available for list items in all list types by default, including calendars, problem tracking lists, and custom lists.

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