Send Text from PC to Android with Chrome’s Shared Clipboard

Send Text from PC to Android with Chrome’s Shared Clipboard
When it started, Google Chrome was a lightweight, minimalist browser. Nowadays, it's a bit like another Internet Explorer. Do not approve anything, just try Brave Browser, for example, and the difference in speed is noticeable. One of the things that keeps us in step with Chrome is the familiarity, its compatibility with a Google account. Everyone already has a Google Account. Google is also doing this and doubles the interconnection between Chrome on different devices. Now, Chrome even lets you send text from your PC to your Android or vice versa via a shared clipboard feature.

Let's be clear: when I speak, I do not speak SMS. In addition, this feature is not yet available on the Chrome team. With Chrome 77, Google added a feature similar to Chrome, called "Send link to your devices". This allows you to easily send Chrome links on one device to Chrome on another device. Now, in Chrome Beta, Dev, and Canary, Google has added a feature that lets you send selected text to your other devices. The labels are a little different, so it seems that Google has not yet chosen. It could be called "Send text to your phone"Or" Copy to your phone". Whatever it is, he does the same job.

How to send text from a PC to Android with the help of Chrome

First, you need to install Chrome Beta, Chrome Dev, or Chrome Canary on both or all devices with which you want to share text. Keep in mind that the Chrome version must be the same. In other words, if you opt for Chrome Beta, you need Chrome beta on all your devices. If you do, you can activate the Shared Clipboard by following the steps below.

  1. Launch Chrome Beta / Dev / Canary on your PC.
  2. Type chrome: // flags in the address bar and press Enter.
  3. Search for "clipboard" and you will see three flag results:
    • Enable the receiver to manage the shared clipboard feature
    • Enable shared clipboard feature signals to process
    • Synchronization clipboard service
  4. Click on the drop-down menu next to them and select enabled for all three.
  5. Click on Revive button at the bottom.

Once restarted, you can select any text, then right-click and you should see the ability to send the text from your PC to your Android or copy it to your Android. Similarly, you can enable the same indicators on Android, following the steps mentioned above. You can then send text from your Android to your PC by selecting the text, pressing Share, and then selecting the Chrome icon with the text "Send text to".

Send text from Android to the PC

When you do, you will receive a notification on your PC. It works the same way when you send text from a PC to your Android device and you receive a notification informing you that the text has been copied to your clipboard. Shared Clipboard Notification

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