How to fix macOS Big Sur Touch Bar bug on MacBook Pro

How To Fix Macos Big Sur Touch Bar Bug On

macos Big Sur touch bar bug! Source: Reddit

Did your MacBook Pro Touch Bar no longer work properly since updating to macOS 11.0.1? This seems to be a common issue as several users have reported this issue to us in the past 24 hours.

This macOS Big Sur bug causes parts of your MacBook’s Pro Touch Bar to disappear. Others claim that the entire touch bar is not showing. Either way, the digital buttons appear to be working normally, making them more of a visual issue than a functional issue.

3 Ways To Fix macOS Big Sur Touch Bar Bug

This is most likely a software issue that managed to find its way into the public version of macOS 11.0.1. However, until the Apple issues and the official fix are resolved, you can try to follow the troubleshooting tips:

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1. Restart Mac

The first thing you should try to do to resolve this issue is restart your MacBook Pro computer and hope that a fresh start will allow the Touch Bar to display normally again.
How? ‘Or’ What: Click it Apple logo available in the upper left corner of the screen, select To restart… and click To restart again to confirm your selection.

2. Shut down Mac

You can also try shutting down your Macbook, waiting for a few seconds, and turning it back on.

3. Terminal application tip

If the macOS Big Sur Touch Bar issue persists, you can apply the following tip to relaunch the Touch Bar:

  • Click on Searcher and search Terminal.
    Point: Make sure you are using This Mac as a filtering option and not Recent.
  • Double click on Terminal.
  • Type the following code: $ sudo pkill TouchBarServer;
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Is the Touch Bar not displaying correctly on your MacBook Pro either? Do any of the tips mentioned above work for you? Use the comments section and let us know. Do you have a better solution? Do not hesitate to share!


While not related, another user reports that the Universal Clipboard between iPad and Mac has stopped working since updating the computer to macOS Big Sur. Is your Mac also experiencing a bug after updating to macOS 11.0.1? Please feel free to use our bug report page and share it with us!

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