How to hack wifi router..How can Admin protect their wifi router from being hacked


Now day’s wifi become popular in our country..

If you want to hack a wifi router and get full access of it you must need to be connected with the router by wifi password..

You must need the wi-fi password to connect with the router.. you can ask router owner to give password or save password in your phone or you can Hack wifi by those simple method

Most of broadband user in our country are using Tp-Link wifi router router to make wifi.. But they set up the router by hard setup[Using cable]

So most of them have no idea how to take control of this router by access into it.. so if you you’re connected to the wifi then you have a chance to take full control of this router..


After taking control you can-

  • You can change the Wi-fi name
  • You can change the router password
  • You can reboot the router

In one word you get the super admin permission of the targeted router..


So let’s began..

So I hope you are already connected with the router which you wann hack/take control..

Yo can do this process by your Computer or mobile phonee’s default browser

Now if you are using a android phone by using your default html browser /Uc Browser go to this address

=> if this doesn’t works go to only works if your targeted router is a tp-link router

then you will get an pop up to give username/password of the router..

in default the username & password is

User Name: admin
password   :admin

If any one setup their router with hardware setup they don’t know about login their router .. so you can get access by the default password  .. Only advanced router user can change the default paasword

so try with the default username/password as admin/admin



after giving this password if you are lucky enough you will get the admin menu of the router

control panel

How to change wifi access password from router:

To change wifi password of the router go to

Wireless=>Wireless Security then under “WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK” you will see wifi password of the router and you can change it .. After changing the password you need to save and reboot the router then it will be effective




How to change wifi name of the hacked router?

You can change the wifi router access name easily from the hacked admin panel

go to

Wireless=>Wireless Settings  and in the place of SSID1 give the new name .. then save  and reboot the router.. then you will get the wifi in your new name that you given :p


Yes you can get the full access of router by this simple method!!


NB: Please do not hack any one’s router to harm.. I just shared this trick for learning purpose .


How to secure router from being hacked[For admins]:

If you set up your router using cable then you need to know that you can able to setup your router without any cable by simply going to => when you’re conntected to your wifi

login to your control panel by default user name/password : admin/admin

the go to System Tools=>Password from below.. input your default password first then give your own new password..

change password


Then no one can hack your router by this method.. but they can do it by advanced method .


Stay with trickbd team and stay with technology…


Try to make internet an secure and learning place

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