How to Install Minecraft Mods [Simple Forge Method]

How to Install Minecraft Mods [Simple Forge Method]

Are you a player? It's impossible that a player does not know Minecraft. Yes, Minecraft, one of the favorites of all players that can be played on Windows and Mac OS as well as on smartphones. The game not only allows people to play games, but also players to introduce themselves to the game by adding mods in the game. All they need is creativity and good programming skills. So, today I will guide you on How to install Minecraft Mods.

But before jumping directly to the installation of Mods in Minecraft Forge, Let's first look at some basics about Minecraft Forge. Because without to install Minecraft Forge you can not install Mods on Minecraft. So I will guide you step by step in this article and we will finally install Mods in Minecraft Forge.

What is Minecraft?

First, some of you may not know exactly what Minecraft is? But we've heard a lot about it from various sources, is not it? So, I will tell you about it.

Basically, Minecraft is a game full of adventure and fun. As stated on the official website of Minecraft –


What are Minecraft mods?

Yes, what are the mods really? Everyone who plays Minecraft knows about it and wants to install or even create Mods. So, for beginners who have not played Minecraft with Mods, I will explain in detail. Basically, Mod is an abbreviated form of modification. Thus, a mod in Minecraft is a feature that can make changes depending on how it is programmed. Not only mods can change anything from one state to another, but they can also add new recipes to create, create, or modify old creatures in the game and can change the way the game works. play is played, making it even more radical. Some mods are developed to run in the background, that is, in the background, to improve game processes, improve the game, or even add features such as support of virtual reality functionality.

Yes, it is possible to play without installing Mods. Since Mods, they are created by players who want to improve the game in different ways. In addition, installing Mods in Minecraft Forge is like giving a rebirth to the game with everything else.

How to install Minecraft Forge?

Before you install Forge for Minecraft, make sure you have the installed Minecraft already. Not only installed, but it should have been played at least once. So, if you have already done this, it means that you have installed all the files required for the program and that Forge can now be installed.

If you want to create a Forge server, it is not necessary to install Minecraft or the official server software installed. The Forge installation program already contains all the files on the server. You can download the latest version of the Forge by visiting the website – Click on fitter button that suits your computer. This button varies depending on your operating system:

  • the Windows – Click on the big Windows Installer to the left of the "Changelog" box under the "Download Recommended" section at the top of the page.
  • Mac – Click on the small, box-shaped fitter button located to the right of the "Changelog" box under the "Download Recommended" section at the top of the page.
  1. Click on Jump. After pressing the file to download, on the next web page, you will have to wait 5-6 seconds, then click on the SKIP button visible in the upper right corner of the web page. After that, the download will start automatically or "File backup"Option would appear.

What is your O.S.?

The process of to install Minecraft Forge on Windows is slightly different from to install Minecraft Forge on Mac. So, let's go one by one for both O.S. & you can choose which one for your O.S.

Windows installation

So after downloading the software on your Windows O.S. now let me show you How to install Mods in Minecraft Forge for Windows?.

  • Open the downloaded installer to begin the installation process.
  • If you receive a message indicating the installation of Java, go to & & download Java software for Install the Minecraft Forge.
  • After installing Java, reopen the Forge Software. In the next screen, click on the button "Install the client " option.
  • Then click D & #39; agreement. Finally, the installation will start and you will have your Minecraft Forge installed on Windows.

Installing on Mac

So after downloading the software on your Mac O.S. now let me show you How to install mods in Minecraft Forge for Mac?.

  • Let's first open the downloaded Forge file. Double-click on the downloaded Forge file. It's a .pot file.

  • Then click D & #39; agreement if an error message appears, click on the button Image titled Macapple1.png symbol to solve the error.
  • If you can not find the Apple icon on the screen, it should be in the upper left corner.
  • Do follow the 6 steps listed below only if you get the error, otherwise you can go straight to the 7th consecutive step.
  • After pressing the Apple icon click on the System Preferences.
  • Then in the new dialog box, click Security and confidentiality option.
  • Then, in the lower left corner of the window, click the button lock icon.

  • This requires administrator access and you may need to enter admin password to go further.
  • In the same window, in the lower right corner, click Open anyway option.
  • Click on General tab at the top, if the Security and confidentiality do not show the "Open anyway"Option.
  • Then click on the "Open" button.
  • Check that you have selected the "Install the client"Before continuing.
  • If you are prompted to install Java, click first on More information … in the pop-up window, click Download in Java, click the Java .dmg file, double-click the Java .pkg folder, and follow the instructions on the screen.
  • Then, check if the destination location where the program should be saved is correct or if you want to change it, click on the navigation option.
  • Click on D & #39; agreement to start the installation process.

  • How do you choose a Minecraft mod to use?

Choosing a Minecraft mod can be difficult because there are so many. The choice of a Minecraft mod is a matter of personal preference as it really depends on what you want to change about Minecraft. If you're totally new to modding, the best place to start is to check out the list of the best Minecraft mods available or check out a reputable source for these mods. The best way to find out what Minecraft mod to download and install is to ask yourself a few questions:

  • What would you like to add or change about Minecraft?
  • Are you interested in purely aesthetic changes or do you want major changes in the gameplay?
  • Do you want to create new recipes or do you want to live a new adventure or a new world?
  • Since the choice of mods to choose is so huge, it is likely that if you think of doing something you would like to do with Minecraft, you can find a mod that can help you.

You can even check YouTube to check the new and the best mod adapted to the tactics of your game. That could have answered your question – how to choose a mod in Minecraft? now. So, choose a mod that you like and go to the next step where I will explain "How to install mods in Minecraft Forge? ".

How to download and install Minecraft Mods

There are few sites that can be considered the best for downloading Mods and Resource Packs for Minecraft Forge – wiki list, PlanetMinecraft, and ResourcePack. The mods or resource packs you download from these sites are genuine and would be available in the format .Zip *: French, .rar or .pot formats. When the download is complete, copy the files to the / Minecraft / mods folder.

The steps to access the above mentioned file are as follows:

  • press the the Windows + R key using your keyboard and type %% Application Data and press Enter.
  • Select the folder roaming and in this folder, open the Minecraft folder.
  • You can see the mods folder in the displayed dialog box.

After the download, copy the files to the mods folder and the Minecraft game. Once launched, Forge will check the folder and search for any new files added.

You must add the resource packs by opening the game Minecraft & in the game, go to Options -> Resource Packs & open the resource pack you downloaded.

You can also install Mods without installing Forge, but as I said, Forge would give you the best gaming experience. All these mods are mostly developed, whereas Minecraft Mods is the main game, even though it's is not it.

Launch Minecraft and enjoy the mods

It is Time to play! You can also change the game based on your assumptions or your imagination and share them with others in create mods for Minecraft. Plus, you'll find yourself featured when you share your own Mod with others.

Also note that each mod has its own controls and interfaces, so always read the instructions previously provided with Mod – the instructions mainly relate to the original Mod website or are included as text files in your downloads. Please let me know by commenting below in case you encounter a problem during Mod installation in Minecraft Forge. Also share the link of your own Mod in the comment below.

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