Install OOS 10’s Game Space on Oxygen OS 9.5.x

oxygen os 10 game space

Among all the novelties that OnePlus included in its version of Android Q Beta 5, there was a new and improved game mode. It's now called Game Space and is your one-stop shop for all games on your OnePlus device. In the end, you do not have to wait for the latest version of Oxygen OS 10 based on Android Q to take advantage of this new feature. You can install Game Space on OnePlus devices running Oxygen OS 9.5.x.

What is the play area?

Game Space is simply a redesign of the old game mode and brings no new functionality to the table. It just takes a boring Settings section and turns it into something more fun and interactive.

The main interface of the game space reminds you that Google Play Games allows you to launch all your games from this place. By default, they are presented as large cards that you can only see one at a time. It's a brand new game launcher for OnePlus devices. If you are satisfied with the stock launcher on your device, you should read our article to find the best Android launcher app for you.

It's nice to watch but not very practical. Fortunately, it is possible to display a normal grid of icons. Even if it mimics Google Play games, OnePlus never tries to become one, it's simply impossible. Unlike Google Play Games, you do not see any stats or results, but you can see how much time you spent playing each game. Swipe up on the map or tap to access mode settings game that you had previously.

Screenshots of the game space

If you do not like the new way to configure your settings, do not worry. You can always go back to the old linear list by pressing the settings button at the top right. Game Space does a good job as a game hub on your OnePlus device, what it is for. Instead of creating a folder on your home screen with all your favorite games, you may want to place the Game Space app icon.

If you have read these lines, you must be someone who likes games. He needs to check out these 15 offline games for Android that do not require an active data connection.

Install the game space on OnePlus devices

Apparently, Game Space works on any OnePlus device running Oxygen OS 9.5 or a later version of Android Pie. All you have to do is install the APK from Android Q Beta 5 from OnePlus. Fortunately for you, someone has already done so, so just download it and install it.

Download: Playground for OnePlus devices

  1. Download the Game Space APK from the download link above.
  2. Tap the end-of-download notification once the download is complete.
  3. On the package installer page, select INSTALL. installed game space application
  4. Once the application is installed, you will find the game space in the drawer of your application as for any other normal application.

When your OnePlus device receives the official Oxygen OS 10 update, you should also be able to access Game Space from Quick Settings and the Settings menu. Enjoy the brand new game space on the OnePlus device with Oxygen OS 9.5 and later.

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