How to Mute Whole WhatsApp Notifications on Android and iOS

How to Mute Whole WhatsApp Notifications on Android and iOS

Sometimes WhatsApp notifications can be overwhelming. Of course, you will not uninstall WhatsApp for this. The other available option is to disable Wi-Fi. But this will also stop notifications from all other apps. So, how do I stop receiving WhatsApp messages without disabling Wi-Fi? The answer is to put all the WhatsApp muted.

Unlike other chat apps with a disconnect button, WhatsApp does not provide it. You can delete your account or disable data connectivity for the WhatsApp application. However, these options are not always viable. Alternatively, you can put WhatsApp in silent mode.

Here you will learn how to disable all notifications on WhatsApp on Android and iOS. Let’s start with Android, followed by iOS.

Disable all WhatsApp notifications on Android

For that, proceed as following:

Step 1: Open the settings on your phone and go to Applications & Notifications / Installed Applications / Applications.

Disable all Whatsapp notifications 1

2nd step: Under All Apps, search for WhatsApp. Tap on it.

Disable all Whatsapp 2 notifications

Step 3: Tap Notifications. Disable the flip-flop next to Show notifications. On some phones, you will need to uncheck the box next to Allow notifications.

Disable all Whatsapp 3 notifications
Disable all Whatsapp 4 notifications

On Android phones running Android 7.1 Nougat and later versions, hold the WhatsApp icon on the home screen or in the application tray to view application shortcuts. Select Application Information from the menu. You will be directly directed to the settings of the WhatsApp application. Tap Notifications. Then follow step 3 above.

Disable all Whatsapp 5 notifications

Disable all WhatsApp notifications on iPhone

Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Open the settings on your iPhone. Scroll down and tap WhatsApp.

Disable all Whatsapp 6 notifications

2nd step: Tap Notifications. Disable the flip-flop next to Allow notifications.

Otherwise, go to Settings> Notifications> WhatsApp. Disable Allow notifications.

Disable all Whatsapp 7 notifications
Disable all Whatsapp 8 notifications

What happens when you turn off notifications in WhatsApp

When you disable notifications, you will not be disturbed when a message arrives. Even though the message will be available in WhatsApp when you open it, you will not receive any notifications from WhatsApp. This is true for individual discussions, groups and calls. You will need to open WhatsApp to manually search for new messages.

Notifications will not appear in the notification panel either. Even the notification badge will not appear on the WhatsApp icon. Unless you open the application, it will appear that there is no notification from WhatsApp.

Disable all WhatsApp messages from individual conversations

If you do not want to disable all WhatsApp notifications, but only those of all contacts, you must also do so. WhatsApp provides the mute feature for individual chats, but its use for all contacts will not be achievable. An alternative exists in the WhatsApp settings. You must make the tone of the message silent. Here’s how to do it.

Disable WhatsApp message notifications from individual chats on Android

To do this, follow these steps:

Step 1: Launch WhatsApp. Tap on the three-dot icon in the upper right corner and select Settings.

Disable all Whatsapp 9 notifications
Disable all Whatsapp 10 notifications

2nd step: Tap Notifications. Then press Notification tone under Messages.

Disable all Whatsapp 11 notifications
Disable all Whatsapp 12 notifications

Step 3: Select None in the sound selector.

Disable all Whatsapp notifications 13

Step 4: Go back and disable vibration under Vibrate in Messages.

Disable all Whatsapp 14 notifications
Point: Did you know that you can customize the WhatsApp notification tones for each contact on Android? Learn how to do it.

Disable WhatsApp message notifications from individual conversations on iPhone

Step 1: On iPhone, open WhatsApp and tap Settings on the bottom bar.

Disable all Whatsapp notifications 15

2nd step: Tap Notifications. Disable the flip-flop next to Show Notifications under Message Notifications.

Disable all Whatsapp 16 notifications
Disable all Whatsapp notifications 17

Disable WhatsApp messages from all group chats

Do group chat messages bother you? Tired of cutting each group individually? Well, cut them all with just a tap.

To do this on Android, open WhatsApp Settings. Then go to Notifications. Tap Notification tone under Groups. Do not select anything. Also disable vibration under Vibrate.

Disable all Whatsapp notifications 20

On iPhone, go to Settings WhatsApp> Notifications. Disable the flip-flop next to Show Notifications under Group Notifications.

Disable all Whatsapp notifications 18
Disable all Whatsapp notifications 19

Disable WhatsApp call notifications

The message notification tone is usually smaller, but the calls annoy a person because they have longer ringing tones. Instead of cutting individual contacts, you can disable WhatsApp call notifications. When you do, you will receive WhatsApp calls but no sound.

Note: This feature is not available on iPhone.

To turn it off on Android, go to WhatsApp Settings> Notifications. Tap Ringtone under Calls. Do not select anything. Also, press Vibrate under Calls and select Off.

Disable all Whatsapp 24 notifications

Bonus Tip: Disable message tones while chatting

When you chat with someone on WhatsApp, you hear tones when you send or receive a message in that particular thread. This becomes quite disturbing if you use a lot of WhatsApp.

To turn off these chat tones, go to Settings> Notifications on Android and iPhone. Then, on Android, turn off the switch for conversation tones.

Disable all Whatsapp notifications 21

On the iPhone, tap Notifications in the app. Then turn off the rocker for Sounds and Vibrate.

Disable all Whatsapp notifications 22
Disable all Whatsapp 23 notifications

Stay away from WhatsApp distractions

The entire mute of WhatsApp may be useful when you are studying or attending a meeting for which you wish to receive other application notifications. And, if you try to avoid WhatsApp due to extensive use, you should try the digital wellness apps on Android. On iPhone, add WhatsApp under Screen Time in Settings. Hope this should help.

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