How to Rearrange or Edit MIUI Quick Settings Toggles

MIUI Quick Settings Toggles

MIUI was first introduced in 2012. The personalization features of the ROM have so attracted me that I've started developing themes. Recently, I had my first Xiaomi phone, the Redmi K20 Pro. Not having used MIUI for a very long time, I realized that it had changed a lot since the days MIUI GB. I wanted to change or rearrange MIUI's quick setup options, but I found no way to do that. If you've been looking for a way to reposition the quick setup button on MIUI 10, this little tutorial will help you.

The Quick Settings screen on Android is really very convenient. It contains many shortcuts to enable and disable some of the most useful options such as flashlight, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, sound profile, etc. I very often have to activate the WiFi access point on my phone to connect my laptop to the internet. I wanted the Toggle Point Access to be found on the first page of the Quick Settings screen for quick access. However, after buying my Redmi K20 Pro under MIUI 10, the Hotspot rocker button on the second page was found. It was not very convenient for me and I needed to reposition it to a more convenient location.

To be honest, I was not worried about it because I knew that Android devices allowed you to reposition scales or quick settings thumbnails. I could always do it on my Samsung or OnePlus phones. I started looking for an "Edit" option to rearrange the settings of MIUI Quick Settings to suit my needs. It's really disappointing to discover at first that MIUI will not let you! However, I quickly saw one of the buttons on the second screen of the Quick Settings panel marked "Edit". When I tapped on it, I was happy to discover that I could finally reposition the MIUI quick settings flip-flops.

So, the option to customize the position of Quick Setting mosaics is here MIUI 10. It was just a kind of ignorance on my part. If you have not noticed this "Edit" option, here are some tips on how to rearrange the Quick Settings panel. Whatever it is, if you want to take advantage of a more extensive and customizable MIUI notification and quick settings panel on your Android, you should try MIUI-ify – Notification Shade app.

Change Quick Settings MIUI Toggles

To rearrange the MIUI 10 Quick Settings tiles according to your personal preferences, proceed as described below.

  1. Open the Quick settings by pulling on the status bar of your Xiaomi Mi or Redmi phone.
  2. Drag the Quick Settings page to the left.
  3. At the end of the toggle button list, you'll see a button namededit"miui quick settings change options
  4. Touch it to see all the available quick parameter failovers.
  5. All you have to do now is press the rocker elements one by one and hold them down, then drag them to the desired position.miui 10 tiles quicksettings "src ="

You can see on the screen above that the Access Point sticker is now repositioned in 3rd position on my Redmi K20 Pro. Try this trick on your Xiaomi or Redmi device or any other Android phone running MIUI 10 and tell us if it helped you.

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