How to use hidden Send Tab to Self feature of Chrome in Windows 10

How to use hidden Send Tab to Self feature of Chrome in Windows 10

The Google Chrome browser has made it easy for users to quickly open tabs between all of their devices running Chrome. A new feature called Send the tab to myself, which is considered a hidden flag available in the stable version of the browser, allows this support.

Using the Send Auto Tab option in Chrome

When the Send Self Tab option is enabled, the option becomes visible when you right-click a web page. In addition, it displays a list of all devices (with the Chrome browser) that you are connected to through your Google Account under Windows 10.

To enable and configure this Auto Send tab function:

1) Launch the Google Chrome browser

2) Type chrome: // flags in the Chrome address bar and press Enter.

3) Search this keyword – Send tab

4) When presented with the list of options, select

  • Send the tab to myself
  • Sending tab to automatically display the user interface of sending

5) Activate the options above.

Although Chrome allows you to access open tabs on other devices through the History page if you have enabled the "Synchronize with Chrome" feature, this method seems to be a little fast.

To use this feature, use the Send tab to auto option without activating Chrome Sync, enable theSend tab to yourself: activate the use when connecting, regardless of the status of the synchronization'Option.

When finished, exit and restart the browser.

Send Chrome tabs between your devices

To send tabs between your devices, go to a web page that you have open in the browser, right-click to openSend to…'Menu visible.

When viewed, choose a device to send him the tab.

In addition, the same option appears as an icon in the browser's address bar. Click on it to send the tab to a device.

Once completed, a notification will appear on both devices. Just tap the notification to open the sent tab instantly.

If the option does not appear for your browser, check if you have updated the latest version of the Chrome browser.

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