How to Remove Google Search History Everywhere and Other Tips

How to Remove Google Search History Everywhere and Other Tips

Google dominates the global search engine market with more than 90% of the shares. The search engine is the default search option on iOS, Android and Mac. Even desktop browsers like Safari are also opting for Google as the go-to search provider. The company tracks every movement, activity and search query of a user to target personalized ads and improve its services with all the data collected.

Google has been accused of tracking the user’s location on Android, even when it’s disabled. The European Commission slapped the company with a $ 1.7 billion fine for abusive practices and antitrust behavior by restricting its competitors.

And thanks to Google, the company has become more transparent about all the data it collects, and it even allows the user to manage and delete the data using the web account.

In this article, we will walk you through the steps to delete Google activities, search history, data collection from third party applications and even delete your account. We will also talk about the security measures you should take to tighten the adhesion of your account.

View and delete your Google activity

Tell me if I understood correctly. You can always delete the Google search history from any browser. But did you know that the company even tracks which apps you used when and other related data? To manage them, you must use the Google web account.

Manage google

Follow the steps below to manage Google activity.

Step 1: Visit in your browser and sign in using your credentials.

2nd step: From the home page, access the personalized data and options.

Data and customization

Step 3: Go to the My Activity tab under the Activity and Timeline menu.

Google activity

You’ll find all of your search history, application usage, YouTube history, and more. Users can press the Delete button by date.

If this tires you out, you can press the delete activity option and choose a custom range. Add the date range and delete activities and search history between those days.

Delete activity

By default, Google tracks everything from Chrome, YouTube, location and target ads based on that. However, you can customize this.

Activity range

From the Google home page, go to Data & Personalization> manage your controls in the Activity menu. Here you will find the information Google collects about you. Just turn off the menu that you don’t want Google to follow.

You can turn off ad customization if you’re tired of looking at the Amazon item ads you searched for on the buying site.

Delete location history

Depending on the location of your device and the use of Google Maps, Google tracks every movement of your location. However, you can delete the collected history from the Google account.

Google Timeline

Go to the Google home page> Data & Personalization> Timeline under the Activity and Timeline option, and you’ll see detailed statistics on your visits over the past few years.

Delete history

Press the Settings button below and choose to delete all of the location history options. In addition, you can pause the position history and even configure the service to automatically delete the future position history.

Revoke third party access to the Google account

Are you still using the Sign up with Google option when creating a new account on a third-party app? Even after you stop using the app and remove it from the device, the service retains your Google data such as name, email, birthday, etc.

Manage third-party applications

Google allows you to revoke access from the third-party application to your Google Account. Here’s how.

Go to your Google Account> Security> Manage third-party access. Here you will see a list of third party apps that have access to your Google account.

Remove access

You can tap on spam and select remove access. I suggest you get into the habit of doing it every month.

Two-step verification of power-up

It is always advisable to enable two-step verification for added security. Google allows you to use the additional security layer in the settings menu.

Go to the Google Account page> Security> and select the 2-step verification menu.

Two-step verification

As a first step, Google will request verification of your account. You can use device prompts, security key, text message or call.

The good news is that Google has started supporting the iPhone for device prompts. So iPhone users can use their device to authenticate the account.

Take control of your data

Keeping track of your web activity and history is essential these days. Google, being a responsible tech giant, offers billions of users the ability to personalize and delete data. Read the steps above and have full control over your accurate information on your hands.


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Last updated on February 15, 2020

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