How to Spoof your Android Device to Pixel 3XL (Root)

spoof pixel3xl

Well, not everyone wants to root their device. This is completely understandable, given the risks involved. However, on the other side, it also offers a lot of goodies. And in this guide, we will use one of these benefits. Today we’re going to show you how you can spoof your Android device to that of Google Pixel 3XL. By doing so, you will also get the associated functionality. Most importantly, you can enjoy unlimited storage of Google Photos in original quality.

Other than that, Android 10 users may have noticed a black bottom bar when using apps like Snapchat or PUBG. This module will also remove this. Not only that, you can even enjoy Portrait mode and auto framing while making video calls via Google Duo (device dependent). Well, these are many benefits to enjoy, aren’t they? So, if you want to spoof your Android device in Pixel 3XL, here are the instructions required. But before that, please browse the section below. Also check out our guide to Pixel-ify your Android device with these apps [no root].

Points to note before usurping your device in Pixel 3XL

  • First, you will need a rooted android device with Magisk v20.2 +. Rooting your device will void your warranty and also carries many associated risks
  • This module is made for OnePlus 6. However, I tried this one OnePlus 7 and Moto One Action and I managed to flash it. But that doesn’t mean you can get some (or any) level of success on your devices. If you want, you can give it a shot, but it could also give you a start loop.
  • If this happens, go to TWRP recovery. Then go to Advanced > File manager > The data > adb > modules >PFLite. Then press the icon located at the bottom right and select Remove. The module will be uninstalled and hopefully you will be able to boot your device. Still facing problems? See our detailed guide on uninstalling Magisk modules using TWRP recovery.

That said, here are the steps to spoof your Android device to that of the Pixel 3XL.


In no event will DroidViews or any of its members be held responsible if something happens to your device. You fully understand the risks associated with it.

Usurpation of your Android device to Pixel 3XL

  1. Open Magisk Manager on your rooted Android device.
  2. If you are using a OnePlus 6 device, go to Downloads section. Look for the MINIMAL Pixel Feature Lite module. It should be around 45 KB in size (only!). Then press Download then on the Install option. Wait a few seconds, the module will flash.
  3. For other users, download the GitHub module and place it on your device. Now go to modules , press the plus icon, select the downloaded module and flash it on your device (see screenshot above).

Once you have flashed this module, press Restart to restart your device and activate this module.

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Enjoy unlimited Google Photos storage

pixel3xl device unlimited storage

Now that you’ve successfully usurped your device on Pixel 3XL, it’s time to reap the rewards. Let’s see how can we take advantage of unlimited storage of Google photos in original quality. To do this, go to settings > Applications and notifications > Application info > Google Photos > Storage and cache > Clear storage.

clear storage photos

Launch Google Photos and you will be greeted with the message that you have unlimited free storage for photos and videos at full resolution from your “Pixel” device. Sounds cool, no. Aside from that, you can also try other benefits like portrait mode in video calls in Duo, but that only seems to work on OnePlus from now on. Anyway, no harm in trying it.

All of this came from this guide on how to spoof your device in Pixel 3XL. It is quite interesting to note that a 45 KB module offers as many features to appreciate. Anyway, go to the About phone section, take its screenshot and brag about having a Pixel 3XL device!

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