How to sync Outlook and Gmail contacts

How to sync Outlook and Gmail contacts

Today, we'll be looking at free tools that will help you sync Google contacts between your Gmail and Outlook accounts. These tools are great for syncing contacts from Outlook users with one or more Google Accounts. They help Outlook users sync their Google contacts, tasks, and calendar with Outlook. In this article, we look at some of the tools that help you easily sync Outlook and Gmail contacts – Outlook4Gmail, Sync of contacts GO Mod and Contacts Sync.

Synchronize Gmail contacts with Outlook

There are many ways to sync Gmail contacts with Outlook. In this article, we offer the following three free tools that allow you to do the job easily:

  1. Outlook4Gmail
  2. GO Contact Sync Mod
  3. Synchronization of contacts.

1) Outlook4Gmail add-in

The interface of the add-in is very simple and easy to understand. Just visit his homepage to download it.

Once completed, the add-in will be automatically loaded when launching the Microsoft Outlook application. In addition, he will create his own ribbon with buttons or a menu item and a toolbar.

Start synchronization of contacts

Choose 'contacts& #39; from & #39;settings'Ribbon section Outlook.

sync Outlook and Gmail contacts

Press the down arrow to select 'Set up contact synchronization rules"

Instantly, a new window will appear inviting you toAdd an account'As shown in the screenshot above.

Select an account and start syncing your contacts.

You can download it from his home page. Please note that the free version only syncs Google contacts (root contact folder) and only one contact sync policy is enabled.

2) GO Contact Sync Mod

Manually updating your email accounts is usually a tedious task. GO Contacts Sync Mod helps you save those efforts by automatically synchronizing your Outlook email contacts with your Gmail address book (including images, categories, and notes). This standalone utility for Windows automatically detects accounts stored in Outlook and easily syncs them with Gmail. However, before that, you will need to enter your Gmail credentials (username and password). Once the connection is established, the synchronization process will begin.

When you enable the automatic synchronization feature, the program will start the task at a user-defined interval and the results will be displayed with a detailed log containing information about synchronized contact names. The limitations we encountered when using the application were at first, a less intuitive interface and, secondly, no support for Outlook Express. More information on Go Contact Sync Mod on his home page.

3) Synchronization of contacts

This tool works with all Gmail and Google Apps accounts. In addition, it can synchronize Outlook contacts with an Android phone, iPhone, etc. Once installed, it offers the following types of options to synchronize your contacts –

  • Synchronize Outlook contacts with Gmail contacts
  • Synchronize Gmail Contacts with Outlook Contacts

Sync Contacts has both, one Pro version and one Free version. In the case of the free version, new contacts must be manually added to My Gmail contacts.

There is also aScheduled synchronization ' option to synchronize contacts. The scheduled synchronization option can be configured to synchronize contacts at regular intervals.

The latest version allows you to synchronize contacts from / to any group to any Outlook folder / category, and offers several options for synchronizing contacts between the Outlook / category folder and the Gmail group.

Limitations of the free version

  • Some unsynchronized contact fields
  • No category
  • No contact photos
  • No contact removal

To download the free version, visit their website website.

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