5 Substratum Themes for Oxygen OS 9 & OnePlus 7 Pro

5 Substratum Themes for Oxygen OS 9 & OnePlus 7 Pro

At a time when Android did not get big version upgrades every year, custom ROMs used the CM Theme engine, which was nice. Things have changed a lot since then and Substratum is now the only theme engine available. Unlike the CM Theme engine, Substratum can also target original themes such as Samsung's OneUI or Oxygen OS from OnePlus. However, not all Substratum themes support Oxygen OS and will not all work on your new OnePlus 7 Pro.

Although there is a long list of substrate themes that work with Oxygen OS, few of them have been updated to work with Oxygen OS 9, which you get on OnePlus 7 Pro. So here are some of the best Substratum themes you can try on your OnePlus 7 Pro or OnepPlus device running Oxygen OS 9. You can also try Swift Installer to thematize your OnePlus device in a great way.

1. Flux Substratum Theme

If you like dark themes, Flux is one of the best Substratum themes for Oxygen OS. However, more than the dark backgrounds, Flux stands out for its theme of system icons.

For example, the icons in Quick Settings look a little different, so it's not a drastic change. And yet, this is a noticeable change that, in my opinion, seems to be getting better. The theme combines dark backgrounds with a vibrant accent color. Speaking of accent color, there is a wide variety of colors that you can choose from.

The theme not only of themed system applications but also popular applications such as Instagram, Google Apps, Play Store, etc.

2. White flow

Flux White Substrate Theme OnePlus 7 Pro

If you do not like darkness but like the Flux theme for its icons, you will not be disappointed. Flux White Substratum theme brings all the benefits of Oxygen OS flow on a white background. The white theme looks much more like the white Oxygen OS theme but the rounded buttons add a touch that is missing from Oxygen OS.

Like Flux, this theme also allows you to thematize many applications, including Play Store, Oxygen OS, Google and other popular applications such as Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.

3. Dark dark substrate theme

Swift Dark Theme for Oxygen OS

Swift Dark is part of the Swift Substratum family of themes, known to be compatible with Oxygen OS. The theme boasts of over 200 hand-made overlays with some shade of dark gray as the background color. The theme tries to preserve the original accent colors of apps wherever possible. For example, Play Store will always have a green accent color despite the dark background, unlike Flux which changes the focus color of the Play Store.

This theme also includes many chat applications, email applications, Google applications, as well as all Oxygen OS applications, with the exception of all system applications.

4. Swift Black and Swift White

Swift Black and Light theme for OnePlus

If you prefer a completely black background, AMOLED, the Swift theme family will cover you. And this is also true if you prefer white backgrounds. The Swift Black and Swift White Substrate themes are identical to the Swift Dark theme and work under Oxygen OS. The only difference lies in the choice of the background color.

5. Valerie Substratum Theme

Valerie Substratum Theme for OnePlus 7 Pro

Not everyone is fond of dark, clear backgrounds, the world is not black and white after all. Valerie substratum offers more than 100 overlays for Android nougat, oreo and pie, including support for Samsung devices and the Oxygen OS operating system. There are many types of icons and options in the dark or transparent background.

A good theme looks even better if it comes with an awesome icon pack and the perfect launch app. Check out our list of the best Android Launcher apps for you.

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