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Every time you receive an email, the first thing you talk to is the name of the sender (or their email address). This gives you a clue as to the importance of the mail and perhaps also the content. In addition to the content of the mail and the address of the sender, there are many other hidden features that almost no one has ever looked at. Indeed, most email clients hide this option to leave room for a simple and clear user interface. Among the different types of information, one contains the IP address of the sender. To trace the emails at its source, we will also use an IP address.

An IP address is an Internet Protocol address assigned to each of the devices connected via the Internet. But the address is not in English text but in digital format. For example, is an IP address (although a reserved address). By using this IP address, you will be able to identify very precisely the location of the sender. So, the next time you receive spam, you may know exactly who is sending them. Let's start with the guide on how to trace emails to their source. In addition, do not forget to consult these 7 secret Gmail tips and tricks.

Trace e-mails to their source

  1. Open the Gmail web version on your desktop or your PC.
  2. Go to the desired email you want to find the source and open it.
  3. Now you will have to see the "Origin Mail", Ie the mail with all hidden information visible. Different browsers use slightly different methods to access this option. In this guide, we used the Chrome browser to trace email messages to their source. You can try this with any of the email clients having the ability to "show the original mail". Here's how to access this option in different browsers:show original mail
    1. For Google Chrome, click on the three vertical dots located at the far right of the mail (to the right of the answer icon). Then, in the long list of options, select the Show original option.
    2. If you use Perspective; view; vision; horizon, move towards File > properties > Internet header.
    3. For users of Apple Mail, go to View > message > Raw source.
  4. Once you click on Show the original, you will be redirected to a new page with tons of information. Using the information given on this page, we will trace the email up to its original source. In addition, if you've already deleted an email by mistake, see How to recover permanently deleted emails in Gmail.
  5. At the top of the page, you will see a section with Message-ID, Created To, From, etc. You must search for the SPF section. What is it? Google has to say about the FPS:

    "Spammers can send emails that seem to come from your domain. This is called spoofing. You can add a Sender Policy Framework (SPF) record to your domain's host to help your recipients know where to get email from your domain and not be falsified. "

  6. Under the SPF section, you will have the intention IP adress. Just copy this IP address.trace the IP address of the email
  7. Finally, look for everything IP tracker website on Google and enter the copied IP address to trace the email up to its source.

So you have managed to trace the email to its source. Likewise, you can get complete information about source, location, DNS, reverse DNS, ISP name, etc. on the IP Tracking website. These tracking websites also provide a geolocation search tool using a 3D map. You can also take help.

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