How to Use Google Forms in Google Classroom

How to Use Google Forms in Google Classroom

Google Classroom is the digital medium used by the company to transfer courses in schools and colleges to the web. Teachers and students can use the classroom to advance homework, notes, class discussions, etc. The classroom has experienced a spike in use since lockout in several countries around the world. While preparing homework or working on one, Google Forms can be an essential tool to get things done easily.

Google classroom

As expected, the classroom tightly integrates with other Google services, such as Google Docs, Google Sheets, YouTube, Google Drawing, Calendar, Google Drive, and Google Forms. Each software plays a major role when it comes to different types of missions. For teachers, this gives them the opportunity to create and assign different types of homework to students. Students can use Google services for a seamless submission experience in the classroom.

Among the services mentioned, Google Forms is perhaps one of the most important services on the market. In this article, we’ll show you how to use Google Forms effectively in Google Classroom.

Where is Google Forms in Google Classroom

Teachers can open any class and go to the Classwork section. This is where they can create a new assignment for the class. If you need to do the same, go to Create> Assignment> Add relevant title, instructions (optional) and press the Create button at the bottom.

Attach the Google forms

The floating menu will allow you to add a form from the Google Forms service. Otherwise, if you create a quiz assignment for the class, go to Classroom> Create> Quiz assignment and it will automatically create a Google form for you.

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How to use Google Forms effectively

Google Forms is especially useful for teachers to create a quiz assignment for the class. When you create an assignment with Google Forms, the software takes you to the separate Google Forms tab in the browser. Now let’s review all the options for creating an effective quiz exercise for students.

The default Google Forms tab looks bland. You will need to make any changes to the desired result. First, let’s review the design options in Google Forms. You can tap the theme icon above and open the custom theme menu for Google Forms.

Theme options

There are four options to browse. Choose a header image for Google Forms. You can select themed photos from different categories, including work and school, birthday, wedding, children only, etc. You can also upload photos from PC or Google Photos. You will be especially good with the photos of the school theme.

Theme in Google forms

Depending on the theme cover added, the form will change its background color. You can also manually change the theme in the personalization menu. Users can also change the font type. Basic fonts are generally fine, but you can also use the formal type to add a professional touch.

The form generator menu is the most important thing to master in Google Forms. Google Forms is flexible enough to offer you various options to create the perfect form.

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Add multiple responses

First, you need to add a title and description for the form. For questions, you have the choice between several options. You can add a new question, give it a relevant title, and then browse the multiple choice answer. Depending on the question, you can select a short answer, a paragraph, a check box, a drop-down list, a check box grid, etc.

If you’ve already created another question form, Google Forms also lets you import questions from the previous form. Google Forms also offers the possibility of adding images or videos to create a multimedia quiz.

Import the question of

If you don’t want to build Google Form from scratch, you can browse the templates section of Google Forms and browse some built-in forms.

Browse Google Forms settings

You have added the appropriate header, theme, fonts and questions. Now it’s time to go through Google Forms settings and make the relevant changes. Tap the Settings icon at the top and go to the General tab.

Enable email address collection to display the email address of students who respond to Google forms. Teachers should deactivate the change after submission and see the summary tables and text responses for students.

General parameters

Now go to the Quiz menu and activate the quiz option. It’s a must-have because it allows you to assign points and marks to each question in Google Forms. You can also activate options such as the respondent can see – Missed questions, correct answer and point value.

Quiz options in google formw

After making the changes, you can press the Send button in the upper right corner and it will ask you to confirm the name and subject of Google Classroom and allows you to add a personalized message for students. Now go to the link options and copy the generated link for Google forms.

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Copy the google form

Return to Google Classroom and select Add> Link and paste the link for the Google form created. Before assigning the questionnaire to students, add points, due date, subject name, then select assign in the upper right corner.

Google forms attach

Use Google Classroom like a pro

Google Forms is an important utility for students and teachers who use Google Classroom. Teachers can get creative with Google Forms to create quiz-based articles and assignments and assign them to students in the class. Learning can also be fun.


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Last updated on May 24, 2020

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