A Guide to Editing Google Forms on Mobile and Desktop

A Guide to Editing Google Forms on Mobile and Desktop

Edit Google Forms

This guide covers the owner of the form and the user’s perspective, that is, edit the form after sharing the form with users and after submitting responses to the form as a user. You will also learn how to edit responses in Google Sheets as the owner. And how to know if a user has modified the responses of the form.

Let’s start with editing Google Forms on the owner side followed by the user.

How to edit Google forms once created

Once you’ve created and shared your Google Form with other people, that doesn’t mean the form is set in stone. Even if you close the browser tab containing your form, you can edit the questions and answers at any time. New questions and answers will automatically and instantly reflect in your form for new users.

How to edit Google Forms on a computer

To edit your existing forms on a computer, go to forms.google.com. Sign in with the same Google Account you used to create the form. You will find all the existing forms that you have created. Click on the one you want to change.

Pro tip: You can also open drive.google.com to view your forms.

Edit Google Forms after creating and submitting 1

You will be redirected to your Google form containing the existing questions and answers. Edit it as you would a new form. Add or remove questions / answers, import questions, sections, etc. as needed.

Edit Google Forms after you create and submit 2

When you edit the form, questions and other changes will automatically display to new users who complete the form. You don’t need to create or share a new link. The form link would remain the same. Do not worry about that.

How to Edit Google Forms on Android, iPhone, and iPad

If you open forms.google.com from a mobile, a new form will be created. So how do you edit old forms on mobile? The answer is simple. Take the help of the Google Drive app. All your forms are saved in Google Drive.

Open the Google Drive app on your mobile device and tap on the form you want to edit. The form will open in your mobile browser. Edit it like a normal form. Check out our guide to creating and editing Google Forms on mobile. Any changes you make to the form will appear immediately on your live form without changing the URL. Users with the old form URL will see the new changes in the form.

Edit Google Forms after you create and submit 3

How to edit responses to Google forms in Sheets

After a user submits the form, the form creator can make changes to their response in the worksheet. To do this, open the Google sheet containing the answers or responses. You will find the sheet with the answers in your Google Drive. Modify them as needed.

Point: Did you know that you can receive form responses in your email? Find out how to send Google form responses to multiple emails.

You can also open the form to edit it as shown above for mobile and desktop. You will find the Responses tab at the top. Click or tap on it. Here you will see a summary and individual responses. If you go to the Individual section, you will find answers. But you cannot change them.

Edit Google Forms after creating and submitting 4

You need to click on the Google Sheets icon at the top to open the connected spreadsheet with the answers. Double-click on any value in the Google Sheet to edit it.

Edit Google Forms After Creating and Submitting 5

Note: Any changes you make to worksheet values ​​won’t be reflected in individual responses on your Google Form. This is a great feature to check the user’s actual response. Of course, you can also check out the change history in Google Sheets. To do this, right click on the cell and choose Show Change History.

How to allow users to edit form responses after submission

To allow users to edit their responses after submitting the form, open your Google Form. Click the Settings icon at the top.

Edit Google Forms After You Create and Submit 10

On the General tab in Settings, check the box next to Edit after send.

Edit Google Forms After Creating and Submitting 11

How to change the response to the Google form after submitting the form

As the user who submitted the form, you can edit your responses after submission. However, this is only possible if the owner of the form has authorized the modification of the responses functionality as mentioned above.

Note: The owner of the form will be able to see any previous changes or responses.

If editing answers is allowed, here are two ways to edit your answers.

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Method 1: Use Edit response link at the end of the form

Once you’ve submitted the form, you’ll see the Edit Your Response link at the end of the Thank You page. Click on it to modify your form. Your existing answers will automatically appear in the form. Type or choose another answer. The new answers will instantly replace your existing answers.

Edit Google Forms After Creating and Submitting 6

Note: If the creator doesn’t allow responses to be edited, you won’t see the Edit your response link. There is no easy way to modify such forms.

Method 2: check history

If you closed the browser tab with the Edit your response link, you need to check your browser history. Click on the URL containing the word Edit. You will be redirected to the thank you page or the end page of the form. Here you will see the Edit your response link. Click on it and edit your answers.

Edit Google Forms After Creating and Submitting 7

How to know if someone has changed the answers

When a user changes their response in the form, it will be reflected in your worksheet. You will see a small icon indicating that the user edited the response after submitting it once.

Edit Google Forms After Creating and Submitting 8

Right-click the cell and choose Show Change History to see the changes.

Edit Google Forms After Creating and Submitting 9

Mistakes happen

As we know, it is normal to make mistakes, whether in life or for other things. However, sometimes you have to be careful. For example, if the owner of the form does not allow editing of responses, you are stuck with your submitted responses. Be careful when submitting responses to Google Forms.


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