How to View Passwords as You Type Them

view typed password
Most often, you must use a strong password for your different accounts. Keeping security in mind, this is definitely a good practice. However, it becomes quite annoying to ruin a character by typing the password. In this case, it is best to enter the complete password again. To remedy these problems, some websites offer the ability to view the passwords you have entered.

But, these sites are small and few. As a result, I've discovered a pretty nifty workaround that will help you display the passwords you type, even if the website does not support displaying passwords entered. Refer to the instructions below to learn more about this trick.

Show passwords as you type them

In this guide we will use the Google Chrome browser to display passwords as they are entered. But this trick is applicable across web browsers that have the Inspect the element functionality.

  1. Navigate to the web page where you need to enter login information.
  2. Now right click on the password field and select Inspect from the menu. However, if the feature is not yet present, simply enter a random character and try again.inspect the password
  3. Some browser names the Inspect functionality like Inspect the element. Both are one and the same thing.
  4. You will now access the Element window and a paragraph will be highlighted. It will contain texts somewhat similar to those mentioned below. We will change a value in this code to display your passwords as you type them.
    <input type="password" class="form_input " name="password" 
    id="password_field" autocomplete="off" 
    required="required" placeholder="Enter your password">
  5. Now, just look for the type of entry = "password" field. It can be written anywhere in the highlighted paragraph. Moreover, rather than using the keyword "input" several times, some opt for the creation of a class with the name "input", then refer to all its elements simply by their last name. In this case, you might only see the keyword "type" instead of "type of entry". Both are the same thing.type of password entry
  6. As you may have guessed, you just have to change the "password" keyword to "text" to see your passwords. The paragraph should now have the code snippet as type of entry = "text" (or type = "text").type of text input
  7. Look at the password field. You will now be able to see your passwords in plain text as you type.
  8. However, if you want to restore the default settings, simply refresh your browser. Or you can even replace the "text" keyword with "password".

With this, we conclude the guide on how to view passwords when we type them. Share your point of view on this tip in the comments section below.

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