Outlook.com is not receiving or sending emails

Outlook.com is not receiving or sending emails

Some users of the popular online messaging service, Outlook.com, have recently complained about the problem that Outlook.com was no longer receiving or sending more emails for unknown and unknown reasons.

To be perfectly honest, we are not sure of the exact cause, but we have some ideas on what could be the problem at the moment. Do not worry, we're almost certain that at least one of the upcoming fixes will solve the problem, hopefully once and for all.

People who can not receive or send e-mails say that everything else tends to work well. therefore, this case is quite strange. But hey, we like strange things, so let's put ourselves under control today.

Outlook.com does not send e-mail

Do not forget that solving this problem requires your full attention. We expect at least one of the fixes described below to work, try them all until the problem is solved.

1) Outlook.com can not send emails.

OK, the problem of the inability to send emails is a major problem for some. We suggest that you check your Internet connection for anomalies. This is one of the main problems if you have problems sending emails via Outlook.com. Please consider this.

2) Do you send to the correct email address?

You may have made the mistake of sending your emails to an incorrect email address. Check twice. In addition, it is possible that the email address to which you send emails is no longer operational. So that's something you should deepen.

3) Cancel send

Outlook.com comes with a cancel feature, but it is not enabled by default. Maybe you have enabled this feature and mistakenly canceled the sending of the e-mail before the set time.

To disable the undo feature, click the Settings button, and then select Show all Outlook settings. From there, click Mail, and choose Dial and Reply. Finally, scroll to Cancel Send, then use the mouse to return the cursor to zero.

Outlook.com does not receive e-mails

1) Check the unwanted folder

The first step is to check in your spam box if emails eventually end up. Go to the Outlook.com Folder List, and select Junk emailand from there, look for the missing email to see if it is there.

If e-mails are there, we suggest that you right-click on each e-mail and click on Mark as unwanted. This should move selected emails directly from the junk mail box to the regular section.

2) Check your filters

Do you use filters? This can be one of the main reasons why you do not see a single email or the ones you want to see. In addition, this could also be the reason why people can not send e-mails to certain parties.

To make changes, click Filter, and then select the messages to display from the drop-down menu. When it comes to sorting, click Filter, then Sort by, and then choose what you want to sort.

If you want to see recent posts, we suggest you click on Date to do it. For a specific person, click on De and that's it.

3) Check the other tab

Outlook.com does not receive or send any e-mail

Much of your email will go to the other inbox instead if the targeted inbox is turned on. Therefore, we suggest you check this inbox for missing e-mails. It is possible to right-click on an e-mail in the Other tab to transfer it to the Inbox of Focus.

4) Check your email policies

When it is time to check your email rules, users should click on the Settings icon, you know, the little Gear icon located in the upper right corner. After that, scroll down and click View all Outlook settings.

The next step is to select Mail and then click Rules. From there, we suggest you edit or delete all available rules.

5) Do you forward emails to another account?

Follow the step above and return to the Mail section and click Transfer. From there, check if your emails are being forwarded to another email account.

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