How to enable HomePod lossless and spatial audio music

HomePod Lossless and Spatial Audio

You can finally enable lossless and spatial audio on HomePod and HomePod mini! All thanks to the latest HomePod 15.1 software update. New music playback features are not enabled by default, especially Apple Lossless!

How to enable lossless and spatial audio on HomePod

how to activate homepod lossless and spatial audio

  • 1. Open the Home app on your iPhone, iPad, or other device with the same Apple ID.
  • 2. Press the House icon, available in the upper left corner of the Home tongue.
  • 3. Go for Home settings.
  • 4. Faucet your name, available in the PEOPLE listing.
  • 5. Go for Apple Music.
  • 6. Light up Lossless audio and or Dolby Atmos, using the toggle next to each option.
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Made: Note that Apple Lossless audio preserves every detail of the original file, which comes at the expense of much more data consumption!

How to Play Lossless and Dolby Atmos Audio Songs on HomePod

how to play homepod space audio and songs lossless from apple music

  • Go back to Home application main screen and long press your HomePod.
  • Long press the interface while playing to display Apple Music.
  • Look for the Now in Spatial Audio section and choose a song or playlist.
  • You can also use the To look for characteristic. Apple Lossless songs as well as those supported by Dolby Amos display the brand logo, under the album cover.
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Dolby Atmos Spatial Audio not available on HomePod mini?

Unfortunately, this option is only available on the original HomePod. Small HomePods do not have the necessary hardware to be able to play Spatial encoded audio files.

Made: You’ll still get the Dolby Atmos option in Home settings and be able to turn it on, even if you only have one or more HomePod minis. However, the Bluetooth speaker will still only play the standard audio format.

Have you enabled HomePod Spatial Audio and Lossless playback option? Have you encountered any problems. Have questions? Use the comments section to share your comments.

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