7 Best Lightweight Homescreen Launchers for Android

7 Best Lightweight Homescreen Launchers for Android
Android offers a multitude of customization options, including the ability to replace your existing home screen launcher with a third-party alternative. There are many options for home screeners, but we have tried and tested all the launchers that are worth checking out and have selected the best lightweight launchers for Android.

These lightweight Android launchers do not clog the resources of your smartphones, giving you a faster and smoother experience. You should also take a look at these best lightweight apps for Android to save space and data.

Lawn thrower

If you've followed content related to Android customization, you've probably heard of Lawnchair. This lightweight launcher for Android is highly customizable and easily ranks among the best Android launchers.

Lawnchair allows you to use third-party icon packs and you can also set a default icon shape. There are a lot of parameters to tweak and experiment with. You can even use gestures to quickly launch applications or turn off the screen, and so on. It also supports integration with Google Search and Sesame, a powerful search tool for Android devices.

Niagara Launcher home screen

Niagara Home Screen Launcher

Niagara Launcher offers a clean and minimal user interface. The simple layout allows you to access the most used applications in one click. To view all other apps on your smartphone, you can simply use the A to Z slider to the right. This would show you all the apps on your smartphone in the alphabetical order.

In terms of customization, you can not change much. However, third-party icon packs and custom text colors are supported. There is an option "Black pitch theme" that activates the full OLED compatible black mode. This theme only applies to the control panel and menus.

ap15 Launcher home screen

ap15 launcher screenshots

This Android launcher is literally the lightest app on the list. With a download size of only 339 KB, you can not get better than this because of its size. ap15 launcher automatically understands the applications you use the most and uses a larger font for them. It helps you quickly locate the applications you use the most with a quick scrolling.

You can also press and hold anywhere on the Home screen to adjust the launcher by selecting the Preferences option. It also allows you to long press the name of an application to uninstall it or access the application configuration page. With the unprofessional version of the application, you can change the color of the text as well as the color of the background. However, if you choose to help the developer by paying, you will have access to other customization options.

CPL (Customized Pixel Launcher)

CPL Home Screen Launcher Settings

CPL Launcher or Customized Pixel Launcher is an excellent, lightweight, highly customizable launcher. It comes with a bunch of different customization options similar to those of Lawnchair and Hyperion. You can even choose to download the Google Feed and Weather plugin. The home screen of your device will look like Google's Pixel range.

Of course, support for third-party icons is present, and you can also enable notification points. If you have a device with an OLED display, the launcher has an option to activate a black theme. This will help save a little battery. CPL also allows you to lock applications with your fingerprint.

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Lens Launcher

lens home screen launcher

Here is another unique home screen launcher for you. Lens displays all the application icons installed on your device in a giant overview. By default, application icons appear tiny and when you need to launch an application, just tap the application's icon. If you are unable to create an app with the small size of the icon, you can tap your apps to zoom in.

Just hold your finger on apps, then release them once the app you want to launch selected. Fortunately, you can also customize the size of the icon and the scaling factor. In the settings, you can also choose to hide applications. The launcher is cool and unique. However, this might not be the best option if you have installed many applications.

Flick Homescreen Launcher

Screenshots of the Flick Launcher

If you are looking for a light and feature-rich wallpaper, then this is perhaps the one you should choose. Flick Launcher offers many customization options. This includes the ability to change the icon pack and layout. There is even a night mode rocker that activates a black theme throughout the launcher.

You can choose to enable or disable the app suggestions in the application drawer. And you can also install the Flick Companion app separately from the developer's website. By default, swiping the home screen gives you access to a few options such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Settings.

Hyperion launcher

Screenshots Hyperion Launcher

Hyperion Launcher is relatively new in the game. However, it has already gained a lot of popularity among geeks of personalization. It offers good customization and you can change just about anything in the launcher.

Hyperion supports integration with Google Feed, but you must install the Hyperion Dock plug-in from the developer's website. Needless to say, Hyperion is as smooth as butter and works like a charm, which is a trait common to all home screen throwers on the list. Read our detailed review of the Hyperion Launcher and discover some helpful tips.

These are our best choices for the best lightweight launchers for Android devices. Which launcher do you currently use on your Android smartphone? Let us know in the comments below.

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