Tab Strips in Chrome Canary Lets You View Tab’s Thumbnail

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Google continues to experiment with many new features. All these features are found first in the Chrome Canary version. From there, they go to Dev, to beta and finally to the stable version. Similarly, the ability to view tabs is only available on Chrome Canary, from now on. This feature allows you to view small snippets / thumbnails of the respective tab.

All snippets of these tabs are placed on the newly created band, which is actually placed on the Omnibox (address bar). Not only could you see the entire contents of the tab in these snippets, but closing those snippets would also close the respective tabs. Let's see how to enable these tabs in the Chrome Canary browser. In addition, if you feel that your Chrome browser has slowed down, you must clear the cache and data in Chrome for Android.

Enable tabs in the Canary Chrome browser

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Any new feature currently in testing is hidden behind the experimental indicators. And similar is the case here. To enable tabs in the Chrome Canary browser, you must go to the flags section. For this, follow the instructions below.

Do not miss it: move the Chrome browser address bar down.

In addition, note that activating these experimental features may make your browser unstable. So, if this happens, simply disable all enabled features and everything would return to normal. Even if speed does not improve much, take a look at the best and fastest Android browsers in 2020.

  1. First, download and install the Canary Chrome Browser on your desktop or your PC.
  2. Open it and type chrome: // flags in the address bar.
  3. Then, under the Experimental Flags section, type the keyword bandaged in the search box and look for the following flags:
    WebUI tab strip
    New tabstrip animations
    Scrollable TabStrip
  4. Now click on the disabled button and then choose the Activate option in the drop-down menu. Do this for the three flags.activate flags
  5. Now, to enable the tabs, you will be prompted to restart your Chrome browser. Click on Restart now.
  6. Once your browser has restarted, the three indicators have now been activated. You can now see the icon of the tab strip as arrow pointing up, next to the new tab icon (+).activated function
  7. Click on it to open the tab menu, where you can see the snippets / thumbnails of all your open tabs.

These tabs in the Chrome Canary browser end up taking up a lot of space and are not very nice to watch. But we still can not complain as far as possible. Having an idea of ​​the contents of other open tabs without having to visit them is really a great time saver. Another important point to note is the fact that some users may not find the WebUI tabs indicator in their Canary browser. So it seems to be a partially deployed feature or a server-side update. In this case, you just have to wait for your browser to end up one day.

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