Top 10 Ways to Fix Netflix App Overriding Brightness on Android

Top 10 Ways to Fix Netflix App Overriding Brightness on Android

The era of cable cutting is finally catching up because we are not limited to television for video content. With OTT services, we can stream videos to our mobile phones, computers and tablets. People on the subway or in the waiting room love catching up on their favorite Netflix shows on their phones. However, the Netflix app can replace the brightness on some Android phones and disrupt the experience.

The Netflix app replaces the brightness set on phones. The Netflix app becomes too dark or too bright when a video is playing, even if the brightness setting is different. For others, colors appear washed out on Netflix.

Let’s see how to recover the great experience of Netflix by solving the problem of brightness.

Note: The Netflix app does not allow taking a screenshot of the content through the native Android screen capture process. Therefore, two screenshots of this article appear on a black background.

1. Restart the phone

No troubleshooting procedure should begin without restarting the device in question. So restart your phone before trying the following fixes.

2. Adjust the brightness in the Netflix app

Many Netflix users are unaware that the Netflix app comes with a native setting to change the brightness. This is generally responsible for the brightness problem on Netflix. You may have changed it, and that’s why your Netflix colors are either dark or light.

You will not find the brightness control in the settings of the Netflix app. Instead, it is present on the screen currently playing itself. To use it, play a video on Netflix. Then tap once on the screen to display controls such as play, pause, subtitles, etc. You will see a cursor on the left side. Slide it up or down to manually control the brightness, i.e. increase or decrease the brightness.

Brightness problem with the Netflix application 1

3. Use Picture in Picture mode

Some Netflix users have suggested that switching to Netflix image-in-picture mode solved the dark screen issue for them.

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Increase the brightness of your phone using phone settings.

2nd step: Launch the Netflix app and play a video.

Stage 3: Press the home button to play the Netflix video in a pop-up screen, i.e. the picture-in-picture mode will be activated.

Step 4: Tap the full screen icon to open the video in normal mode.

Brightness problem with the Netflix 2 application

4. Update the Netflix application

The problem could be due to a bug in the Netflix app. To resolve this issue, you should immediately update the app from the Play Store.

Point: Are you constantly missing app updates? Learn how to track apps that need an update on Android and iOS.

5. Turn off the blue light or the night light

If the problem occurs at a specific time, you should check the planned function of the night or blue light. When the night light is activated, you will see an orange-yellowish tint on your phone.

To verify this, go to Settings> Display. Press Night or blue light. Deactivate the scheduled function. While you are at it, if it is currently enabled, disable it. Open Netflix and see if the video plays with specific colors.

Pro tip: You can also turn on / off the night light or blue light from the quick settings in Android.

Brightness problem with the Netflix 3 application

6. Disable Video Enhancer

On some phones such as Samsung, you will find a video enhancement setting. You should turn it off to see if the Netflix brightness issue is resolved or not.

To do this, go to Settings> Advanced settings. Disable Video Enhancer. You can also use the search in the settings to find a video optimizer.

7. Check the battery settings

You should also take a look at the battery settings. Many Android phones offer a high performance mode which automatically increases the screen brightness. You must change it for a different power setting.

To do this, go to Settings> Battery> Power mode. Switch to other modes from the current mode.

Point: On Samsung phones, you will find the Battery setting in the Device maintenance setting.

Brightness problem with the Netflix 4 application

8. Check third-party applications

Do you use third-party apps that control the brightness or monitor the temperature on your phone? You should disable or uninstall them to see if they are responsible for the Netflix brightness issue. If your phone has a game mode, also check the temperature monitor settings.

9. Reinstall Netflix

If the above solutions don’t help, it’s time to uninstall Netflix from your phone. This will not affect your recommendations. To uninstall Netflix, open Play Store and search for Netflix. Tap Uninstall. Once uninstalled, restart the phone and then reinstall it.

10. Install Netflix using APK

If neither updating nor uninstalling the app resolved the brightness issue on Netflix, you need to install a different version using APK. You can upgrade or downgrade the app to see which version works for you. Some Netflix users have suggested that reverting to Netflix version 4.1 has resolved the issue. Of course, the application would be different from the last one and lack some functionality.


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Last updated March 10, 2020

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