Top 11 Notion Tips and Tricks to Use It Like A Pro

Top 11 Notion Tips and Tricks to Use It Like A Pro
Notion, a modular productivity solution, has made waves as a Swiss Army Knife software for startups. The company's unique vision of organizing life and taking notes has earned them many fans in a short time.

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The Notion takes a minimalist approach in all areas. Unlike other applications, it will not throw all possible functions to the user.

The options are intelligently hidden in the interface so that it does not seem too heavy. That's why I'm going to take Notion's approach to OneNote and the crowded menu of Evernote.

The way you want to view the blocks in a Notion page is entirely up to you. By default, you can start writing a single note and edit it at the end. You can also achieve the same result with commands, keyboard shortcuts, templates, and some tips.

In this article, we'll talk about the top eleven tips and tricks of Notion that will help you do such things on the fly and increase your productivity.

1. Add a date to a block

This tip is useful when writing or writing reports. At any time, you can add a date at the end of a block. Type '/ date', press Enter and write the name of the month with the date.

Note: You must type "/ command" without the quotation marks mentioned in this message.

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I use it to locate exactly the latest changes made to a Notion page. Find it a lot easier than viewing the revision history in Google Docs.

2. Use code blocks

Many developers like Notion. Yes, even I use it to follow my software development process and my progress.

You can write lines of code in a note with differentiation. Type '/ code' and a dedicated code block will appear for you. This is a great way to create a page with notes and code information for a potential project.

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3. Add color to the blocks

OneNote and Evernote allow a user to change the font colors from the menu bar. The concept offers a better way to achieve this. At the end of a block, you can type '/ color' and choose from the available color options.

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Best of all, when you type '/ red /, you can add color to fonts or change the background of the block to red.

4. Integrate social media links

The main advantage of Notion lies in the way it visually represents the page. For example, you can type "/ Video" and add a web link from YouTube, Twitter, and Vimeo. It will integrate all the video in the page, and you will be able to watch it without leaving Notion.

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5. Explore the Google Drive integration

Google's suite of productivity applications is a boon for the small business and educational fields. And Notion offers a close integration of Google Drive in the application. Just write "/ Google" for the app to open Google Drive. You can select a doc file, a leaf file or even a cloud storage image and add it directly into Notion with nice structure and details.

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When I create a page on a potential project, I use the command to embed the client's Google Doc file into the concept.

6. Switch to the dark theme

The year 2021 is easily one in which dark themes multiply. The title feature of Notion for Android and iOS includes the implementation of a dark theme at the system level. Fortunately, Notion keeps the pace and incorporates the dark theme on all platforms.

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You can either access settings and enable dark mode, or use the Command-Shift + L (macOS) and Ctrl + Shift + L (Windows) keyboard shortcut to switch between light and dark on the desktop.

7. Use the callback feature

In addition to taking notes, Notion also positions itself as a dedicated task manager. You can add a reminder to a block to be notified about it. Type '/ remind' and add the date and time to get the notification.

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The screen capture above indicates that I use the weekly task management template to organize my week and add tasks with reminders.

8. Manage projects like a pro

Speaking of Notion models, they are the heart and soul of the overall software experience. You can use the roadmap template and enjoy features similar to Trello in Notion. You can view the entire project with progress, invite others to make changes, and connect the model to the team's Slack channel. This facilitates all communication.

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I often use it to locate each project problem, add details, and tag a Notion member to fix the bug. You can also use the Update section to track each change made by team members.

9. Plan your trips with style

One of the ways, Notion, surprises anyone. Yes, you can plan your trips because we know that travel planning is difficult. You will not want to miss any details about your next trip. A trip planner is an ideal template to cover all the details of the trip.

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In a beautiful table view, you can add information such as places to visit, hotel names, trip details of the day, relevant web links, and more. You can also integrate the Google Maps feature to add a direction to the Notion page.

10. Plan the UI / UX design project

Notion supports two of the most popular design platforms of the application. You can directly integrate the Figma and Invision prototypes on the page and review the relevant details.

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This is useful for planning the entire project with details, documents and design mockups. Type "/ Figma" or "/ Invisinon" to use this feature.

11. Lock and export pages

Notion offers the ability to lock the page. And no, it does not mean that the page is password protected. You can lock a page to disable the editing process.

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You can export a page in HTML, Markdown and PDF format from the menu of the page. You can choose to export sub-pages with it or just use a single page.

Note: A word about Notion's mobile apps. The tips above are best served on the desktop. Notion's mobile apps are simply bad. They are Web-wrapper. Visualization and basic editing are effective, but do not expect to organize the entire page on mobile.

Improve your concept experience

As you can see in the list above, Notion is full of clever tips and tricks. And this is only the tip of the iceberg. As I explore the software, I'm sure you'll find more ways to do your job. Start your Notion experience with the tips mentioned and tell us what is your favorite feature.

Next Up: You can use Notion keyboard shortcuts to speed up the page editing process. Read the post below to see the main Notion keyboard shortcuts to complete your work.

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