Top 4 Amazing Tools to Capture Scrolling Screenshots on macOS

Top 4 Amazing Tools to Capture Scrolling Screenshots on macOS
Capturing a long web page or document is a challenge. A screenshot will only take one photo of the display area of ​​your screen. This is why scrolling screen captures intervene to save time and energy. Of course, even if I do not like to take several snapshots of the screen to assemble them. The result is rarely pretty.

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Apple's MacOS now comes with built-in functionality to quickly capture scrolling screen captures. As a general rule, you must press a key combination and then capture a screenshot. This makes me jealous of Windows 10 users who simply have to press a dedicated screen print button to take a screen shot.

To facilitate this task, we have selected 5 best ways to capture scrolling screen captures for all MacOS users. Before addressing them, here are some things to know about the new screen capture tool that debuted with macOS Mojave.

MacOS Mojave built-in screen capture tool

The best place to start would be to use the integrated screen capture tool that debuted with the deployment of MacOS 10.14 Mojave. To launch a screen capture with scrolling, you must press Shift + Command + 5 keyboard shortcuts to launch capture controls on the screen.

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You can move the mouse pointer over each option to find out what it is. However, I feel that the use of this tool to capture the entire screen is tedious. The keyboard shortcut Shift + Command + 3 can also take a snapshot of the entire screen. I then wondered why Apple had included an additional option in the on-screen capture controls.

This has led me to discover four ways to click on the scrolling screen captures on my MacBook Air. Without further ado, let's start.

1. Snagit

Snagit is also a popular choice for Windows users since the application has been around for almost 30 years. This is my favorite choice as well. Mainly because I have used it a lot on the Windows platform before switching to macOS. From recording activities videos to the screen to capturing screenshots The Capture tool allows you to click on a screen capture of the screen. 39, a simple touch of a button.

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Apart from this, Snagit allows you to highlight or annotate visually some parts of screen captures. Smart Window Detection will allow you to remove unwanted window borders, especially those that reveal certain information.

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My only complaint is that Snagit makes me use his editor to finalize the image. But that compensates by allowing me to drag those screenshots into email applications, emails, and other apps.

The only thing that can be difficult to swallow is the $ 49.95 heavy label. The 15-day trial is a great way to try it.

2. BrowseShot

Like many other tools, BrowseShot has a selection feature. It allows you to capture scrolling screenshots in PNG format. This is very useful for anyone looking to store a lot of details without compromising the quality and not afraid of the file size.

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Once you have clicked on a snapshot of a web page, you can also check the latest details with the enlargement options. Also very useful if you want to print the entire pages without disturbing the formatting.

The reason he is on this list because if offers a unique feature. It provides you with an option to reset cookies and cached data. So, you do not have to store these files on your computer. It's smart.

3. Gyazo

Gyazo is a cross-platform tool that allows you to take full screenshots by pressing the defined shortcut keys. Unfortunately, macOS users will need to install the Gyazo Chrome / Firefox extension to assign quick catch shortcuts.

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This is a small disadvantage of capturing scrolling screen captures. You can make sure that the Gyazo app runs on the dock to quickly switch to the action. The only part that I find annoying is that it opens another tab to display the captured image with a temporary link and an editor.

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Well, it works as an option to scroll and check if you have captured everything perfectly. So you win, you lose with that.

4. Screenshot of Firefox

Yes, Firefox has the feature cooked in the browser. When you click the three-dot buttons next to the address bar, the pop-up menu shows you the option Take a screenshot at the bottom.

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The Firefox screen capture is the most convenient option from this list. It costs nothing and allows you to take a screenshot of a page. Then you have the option to copy the screen capture to another application or download it. Imagine clicking a screenshot when using Firefox with dark mode extensions.

This option is easy enough to understand and use. Since this is a browser-based tool, you will need to open an offline document with Firefox. This is the only cumbersome part. Other than that, it does not have any editing or annotation features.

Take Full Page Screenshots

Getting the details of a complete web page in a single screen capture can be very beneficial. In addition, most tools eliminate the need to scroll the entire page just to capture all the information.

I often use some of the screen scrolling tools mentioned above to record long reads and lengthy documents. This helps me save time and reduce my dependence on specific applications to open them.

So, which of the applications mentioned above are you going to try first? Do you want to share your favorite tool with us? Mention it in the comments section below.

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