Top 5 Ways to Disable Weather Alerts on Android

It’s great to have your martphone inform you of weather conditions in the morning, on the way to work or whenever necessary. However, when the weather alerts become incessant, they can disrupt the notification of your device or drain your phone’s battery. We’ll show you how to turn off weather alerts from Google and other third-party weather apps on your Android device.

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Typically, the Google app often pushes weather alerts on Android devices. Sometimes Google Assistant also provides weather information to your phone’s notification panel. If you are not a fan of these weather alerts, or if they have become overwhelming to handle, follow the methods listed below to turn them off.

1. Disable Google weather notifications

One of the effective ways to turn off weather alerts and notifications on your Android device is to change the notification settings in the Google app. Follow the steps below to do so.

Step 1: Launch the Settings menu and select “Applications and notifications”.

Disable android weather alerts

2nd step: Select “View all applications”.

Disable android weather alerts 01

Step 3: Scroll through the list of apps and select the Google app.

Disable android weather alerts 02

Step 4: Then tap Notifications.

Disable android weather alerts 03

Step 5: Find and deactivate “Current weather conditions”.

Disable android weather alerts 04

Step 6: Then scroll down and turn off “Weather Alerts for Big Changes”.

Disable android weather alerts 05

Step 7: And finally, turn off “Daily Weather Forecast”.

Disable android weather alerts 06

You can choose to disable some or all of these weather notification alerts; you’re in charge here.

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2. Deactivate various notifications from the assistant

In addition to sending regular updates, the Google Assistant sometimes sends weather alerts in the form of “miscellaneous notifications”. Disabling this type of notification on Google Assistant can help remove unwanted weather notifications from your Android device. Here’s how.

Step 1: Press and hold the Google icon on the home screen or the application drawer of your device.

2nd step: Press the info icon (i) in the context menu to display the details of the application.

Disable android weather alerts 07

Step 3: Then click on Notifications.

Disable android weather alerts 08

Step 4: In the Assistant section, deactivate Miscellaneous.

Disable android weather alerts 09

3. Disable Google Assistant routines

Another proven way to turn off weather alerts on your Android device is to change your Google Assistant routine. By default, the “Hello” routine informs you of the weather when you say the keyword “Hello” to the Google Assistant. Sometimes, however, this routine will also send you weather alerts. Follow the steps below to customize the Google Assistant routine so you don’t get unwanted weather warnings.

Step 1: Open the Google app and tap the Plus icon in the lower right corner.

Disable android weather alerts 10

2nd step: Then select Settings.

Disable android weather alerts 11

Step 3: Select Google Assistant.

Disable android weather alerts 12

Step 4: Go to the Assistant tab.

Disable android weather alerts 13

Step 5: Select Routines at the bottom of the page.

Disable android weather alerts 14

Step 6: Tap Hello.

Disable android weather alerts 15

Step 7: Uncheck the “Tell me about the weather” option.

Disable android weather alerts 16

Step 8: Tap Save.

Disable android weather alerts 17

4. Turn off Google notifications

In the rare case that you still receive weather alerts on your Android device despite the troubleshooting solutions mentioned above, you may need to turn off notifications for the Google app.

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Note: Disabling the notification in the Google app will therefore disable other types of notifications, for example, task reminders, bill payments, authorization requests, etc.

To turn off Google notifications, follow the steps outlined below.

Step 1: Long press the Google app icon on your device’s home page or in the app drawer.

2nd step: Tap the info icon (i) to open the info page for the Google app.

Disable android weather alerts 07

Step 3: Select Notifications.

Disable android weather alerts 08

Step 4: Toggle the Show Notifications option just below the app icon.

Disable android weather alerts 24

This method will disable weather alerts, but other vital notifications associated with the Google app will also be disabled. That’s why you should only turn off Google notifications as a last resort after you’ve exhausted all the troubleshooting solutions.

5. Disable alerts for third-party weather apps

To turn off weather alerts from a third-party weather app on your Android device, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Long press the weather app icon and tap the info icon.

Disable android weather alerts 18

2nd step: On the application information page, select Notifications.

Disable android weather alerts 19

Step 3: Disable the Show notifications option to turn off app alerts. You can also scroll through the notification categories in the app and turn off weather alerts that you don’t want to receive.

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Disable android weather alerts 20

Disable android weather alerts 21

You can also turn off weather alerts for the app from the notification panel. Press and hold the application notification card in the notification drawer and press “Disable notifications”.

Disable android weather alerts 22

Disable android weather alerts 23

You will be asked to choose the types of notifications you want to disable. Tap Apply to turn off the alert options displayed, or click Show more to view more notification types.


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